You cast your net far and wide only to find that Mr. Right is the one fish that somehow got away. You don't have to go back to square one though it may seem like that is where you are at the moment. Keep these tips to get your ex boyfriend back in mind as you plan out your next fishing expedition and see if you can reel him back in for a second chance at love.

So, what can you do to get him to give your hook a second look?

1) Change your bait. He knows many of your secrets weapons. It's time to come out with something a little new. Tears worked for a while; tantrums not so much. Now it's time to bring out the really big guns and try something he's never seen from you before. Nothing. He might nibble on a few other hooks in the meantime but he's going to wonder what's going on with you. The more your hook is absent, the more it will be on his mind.

2) Get a better hook. It's never a bad idea to make improvements and lasting changes. Everyone can improve somewhere. The important thing is that you make improvements for yourself and choose improvements that he's going to approve of. You definitely don't want to build up traits that drove him nuts about you. Education, counseling, and self help are all great tips to get your ex boyfriend back worth exploring.

3) Let him seek your hook out. When you do cast your hook back into the water don't go straight to him. Let him find your hook and make the first move. It will work out much better if he believes it was his idea and you can sit back and enjoy the rewards. Making him think it was his move is one of the best tips to get your ex boyfriend back you can follow.

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