Are you thinking of opening your own restaurant? Or starting a grocery store? There are many factors involved in running these successfully, and it can be a laborious task to make sure that everything is on point. One of the most important factors that decide on the quality and freshness of the food, and products you serve is your refrigeration system. Be it ice cream freezers, or drink chillers, or vertical glass door refrigerators etc., they are basically what’s standing between fresh food and rotten food.

To be honest, the success of your business depends upon the quality of the product you are offering. Not only would you lose your customers in case of stale products, but you could also be questioned by the law. So, that makes it all the more important that you choose an efficient one-stop solution for commercial refrigeration in Norfolk. GDP Design and Shop Fitting Ltd. have over 30 years in the cold storage solutions industry and the most reliable company to choose. They have an extensive range of refrigeration equipment suited to both small convenience stores as well as superstores.

Things to keep in mind before choosing your refrigeration system :

Commercial refrigeration systems fitted unto shops basically helps to keep both prepared foods, as well as meal ingredients, cold for the convenience and quality purposes. But you need to consider asking yourself a few questions prior to the shopfitting process. These may be -- if the unit is large enough to accommodate your needs, or if it has the appropriate temperature adjustment system etc. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a new refrigeration system for your business, or if you simply need an upgrade, consider the following:

  • Size/Material :
  • A very important factor to consider is the size and material of the fridge. It’s important to find out the exact amount of space available for the fridge in the store, before you start looking. Once you decide on the correct size, next there’s the correct material. Majority of the restaurants, bars and other commercial spaces prefer the stainless steel ones. This is because not only stainless steel is durable and has a long life, but is also easier to clean. So, with the clean-up of grime under control, you have already won the war.

  • Style :
  • Next, you need to decide on the style of the refrigeration unit. There comes a myriad of design options for coolers to choose from. There’s the upright cooler with doors, such as the one at your home. Or the counter cooler which sits low on the ground and resembles a display case. Or a sliding door cooler -- mostly found in grocery stores or gas stations or even a walk-in -- just as also found in the restaurants. The difference among all of these lies in their size and ease of use. You need to decide on your style of cooler depending on what you intend to store inside. Some are better for storing smaller items like beverages, while others are for storing vegetables or meat.

  • Energy consumption :
  • And finally, the thing to consider here is the factor of energy consumption. The style, size, and contents of the fridge will undoubtedly determine how much energy the fridge consumes. But it also depends upon the type of the cooler, as some are designed to be energy efficient. They will cost you much initially, but save you money over the years. And as a business owner, we all want to slash down our costs and increase the profits.

So, these were the key things to note which will help you decide upon the best cooler for your needs. And sometimes, the correct cooler can make all the difference to your business. So, tick these off a checklist, and you will never regret the decision you make. Trust us!

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