International relocations are common these days with people going from one country to another for better job opportunities. After the entire visa process and acquiring an accommodation the hardest part is to hire an international moving company that can ship your items from one place to another. When you choose the shipping company looks at everything from the international shipping insurance of the company to the way they would load and drop your items to your new house.

However, if you are moving for the first time and need some help choosing the company, here are tips to help you hire international packers and movers

1.     They should have an Inventory

An established company would definitely have an inventory where they would be able to measure the bulk and weight of your items. The estimator should be vigilant and make sure that there is nothing inside cupboards, drawers, and cases. The price quoted to you for the move will depend upon how much weight your stuff has and the amount of space they would occupy in the truck or loader. Make sure the estimate is as accurate as it can be.

2.     Say no to hefty deposits

A reputable moving company won't be demanding cash before the move. The payments have to be done once all the stuff has been delivered to your doorstep. If you do the mistake of paying in advance then there is no assurance of you seeing your valuables again. If they do require then pay via credit card rather than cash which will keep you safe in case of fraud.

3.     International Shipping Insurance

Make sure that whatever movers and packers you choose should have an international shipping insurance. In case any of your valuable breaks during the long journey from one country to another you will at least be able to get coverage for your loss.

4.     Get reviews

Once you decide on a few moving companies ask people around if they have used their services. If you can’t find any mover then ask the company to provide you with details of customers who have and you can talk to them about their experience. Also, get three different quotes from three different countries to judge which country is offering you the best prices.

5.     Fee and contract

Tell the movers and packers to quote one price that would cover all charges from one doorstep to another. Also, ask for the breakdown of the price so you can judge that you are not paying any extra fee. In the case of stairs or a narrow street, the movers might face some difficulties and charge you extra. Always ask if any additional payments would be required in your case. Also when you sign the contract make sure you have read through all the terms and conditions of the contract.

6.     Moving companies should have affiliations and memberships

Well, known moving companies have memberships and affiliations that guarantee their excellent services. Being a member of FIDI proves that the shipping company offers quality service to its customers, any company which does not maintain standards can't be part of this club. Also, these affiliations come in handy when they handle your stuff from one port to another.

Once you select the perfect company you have done are free of the hassle of relocating and ready to explore.

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