The last one decade has seen many reforms as far as the relocation industry In India is concerned. The number of relocation companies has increased in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengal and Pune etc.

But from the last few years, some opportunistic people are trying to take advantage of the mushrooming of moving firms in India by operating under fake names just with the intent to dupe people in the name of packers and movers.

There are some rogue movers and packers operating in Delhi, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities of India who don’t operate their firms according to the government rules and standards.

Now the questions arise how to identify these fraud movers and packers as there are too many in this field and a thorough background check of them one by one is not possible for a consumer. There are some warning signs that can help you identifying fraud and rogue movers and packers.

1.Unprofessional Etiquette:-
One of the easiest ways to identify a fraud mover and packer is the way of their communication and behaviour with the consumer. You can give a call to a mover and packer to know their way of communication and behaviour with the customer.

If it is courteous and contains professional ethics, then you can trust on the company. If the company transfers your call to an answering machine, then you need to be a skeptic, because a professional and reliable professional firm always provides customers real phone number and address.

2.Not Agreeing Upon To Evaluate Your Goods Onsite:-
If the movers and packers firm is not agreeing upon to evaluate your goods onsite or fails to give you an in-house estimate, then you should mean it that the relocation firm is not genuine and it will be a risk to hire this company. Even if it agrees to provide an estimate over the phone that should still be considered a warning sign as rogue Movers and Packers look to make quick money.

On the other hand, a reputable packer and mover will always ask for an in-house survey to give customer better cost estimate of his/ her household shifting. And during the in-house survey, the customer is able to observe the firm from close.

3.Asking You To Deposit A Large Amount Of Cash Before The Move:-
Is the company asking you to deposit a large amount of cash before the move, then again that is a warning sign? After depositing cash, the company might run away with your money.

4.Website Lacks Proper Information About The Company:-
The website of a relocation firm helps you to know many things about it. So you should definitely check its website. Hunt for the phones number and physical address of the company and if its lacks proper information about the company, then it might be a fraud company. So you should never hire such a company for a relocation job.

5.Negative Reviews And Poor Ratings:-
The negative reviews and poor ratings help in identifying rogue movers or a fraud moving company. Check reviews posted online by last served clients. There are some websites that provide valuable information about fake moving companies like,, and Moreover, you can ask the last served clients of the relocation firm about its services If their reviews are negative about it, then abandon the idea of hiring that relocation firm.

6.Low Estimates:-
The low estimates are the biggest sign to identify a fraudulent moving company as it is something under the double circle. Compare the quotes provided by the relocation firm and if they are genuine then you can trust the company otherwise it signifies low standard in service providing.

7.Company Is Not Registered:-
The registration is the authentic certification whether one should rely on the relocation firm or not. If The Company is not registered then you should never rely on it. Before finalizing a company, check out its registration and certification if you really wish to go with a trusted change.

8.Lacking Professionalism:-
A professional company will take care of your goods and household belongings with much care and attention than a non-professional rogue relocation firm. The professionalism of a company will reflect in its staff. The ill-behaved staff is a warning sign that you should not hire that particular company for the move.

The growing number of relocation firms in India is considered a boon for the common man in India as they help people relocate safely and securely from one place to another and save our time and money as well. The above listed tips are actually warning signs that will help you distinguishing between Fake, rogue and the best and trusted packers and movers in the industry.

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