The first step on the journey to a new job is getting the application. The most important statement a person will ever make in the starting process of getting a job, is asking the correct question when going to a place of employment.

When there, only ask for an employment application, do not ask anyone if they are hiring, because if they are not hiring at the time you get the application does not mean they will not be hiring in the future. Request to see the manager if you are told you can only get the application online. You should try to have a brief discussion with the manager and ask about the location and how things are done there.

This will show that you are interested in the type of work being done, and more importantly, you will have one on one contact with the manager. You must dress properly when making inquiries about a job application as you would if you were attending an interview.

If you are eventually invited for the interview, here are some steps to consider:
Keep in mind that the first impression is the most important as you prepare for the interview. You should be attractive, but not an attraction. Have a manicure a day before the interview. There is nothing worse than to see a dirty and unkempt nails.
For The Women
If you use nail polish, it should be neutral. No artificial nails with design on them. Your lipstick should also be neutral like the nail. Do not wear any perfume or aftershave, someone who is allergic to these odors may interview you. Before meeting the interviewer, make sure you remove any chewing gum or candy from the mouth.

Mode of Dressing
Women should wear a casual business out fit . Accessories should be limited to earring, necklace, one ring in addition to wedding or engagement ring and one bracelet but no bangles. Heels over 2-3” should not be worn.
For Men
Men should put on laced shoes but no loafers. They should wear socks that go over the calf to avoid exposing men’s hairy legs. Apart from wedding ring men should not were jewelry. Both men and women should remove all body piecing that can be seen by the interviewer.

When you enter the office of the interviewer, do not sit until you invited to sit down by the interviewer. If the interview know body language. Only a portion of what you say will influence him or her. Keep you legs uncrossed and sit with good posture while maintaining eye contact. Do not clasp your hand or fiddle with anything in your hand.

Talk on only when you are asked a question, and listen to the questions before answering. Once you begin to answer the question, do not stammer. Make sure you answer the questions with no more detail than needed, but do not be too brief.

When the interview is over and you are about to leave, do not extend your, hand but if the interviewers offer theirs , shake it. Be sure to stand straight, hand up and move more naturally when you exit.

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Author's Bio: 

Mark Irabor is a chief technologist and head of unit,
college of medicine university of Ibadan