When it comes to writing the first thing that comes to our minds is a wonderful writing instrument that gives a feeling of convenience, confidence and style. Pelikan, Parker, Lamy and many such brands has made the writing industry even more wonderful.

Speaking of writing, today we will specifically focus on the art of article writing. It is not a cup of tea for all but everybody can do it if kept few important techniques in mind. Writing can be easy but writing something incredibly different and unique can be a bit challenging. There are some specific techniques to be used for being an outstanding writer.

You need to practice as much as you can, read other writers to pick up their style and new words to enhance vocabulary. In order to create an impression and to stand out from the crowd, you need to keep following tips in mind.

Keep it Short & Simple:

It is better to use minimum words and one should never worry about the length of the article. It should be written in simple yet understandable language so that a common man can understand what point you’re actually trying to make.

Try Writing in the Morning:

A number of researches have shown that writing in the morning can be really effective. It is a known fact that when you wake up your mind and senses are fresh and full of energy. At that time of the day you can utilize your skills in a much better way. Secondly, it might be very interesting too. It will not hurt you and that’s for sure so give this healthy writing a chance.

Read as much as you can:

Reading is the most important thing that everybody should do whether he is a writer or not. Reading helps you develop concepts, it improves your writing skills, introduce you to different writing styles and patterns and most importantly it helps you learn new words.

Through reading, you can learn how to express your thoughts with suitable words. A learned man had once said, “You are actually what you read”
Write smoothly and complete your piece in various stages:
Every writer knows that it takes time to complete one piece of writing.

It is basically a lengthy task that includes a whole thought process, analysis of topic, thorough research, sequencing of scattered thoughts and ideas and selection of most suitable and expressive words and symbols to represent your feelings and thinking. After compiling the whole article then comes the stage of editing to ensure an error free document. Proofreading is a must task. It is important to go smoothly through all these stages to produce a well-written and healthy content.

Practice every day:

To become a good writer, it is important to practice, practice and practice. You need to allocate a specific time of the day to practice because it makes a man perfect. Whether you write few sentences or few paragraphs, just do it every single day. It doesn’t matter where you are, just keep a good diary with a suitable pen from any of the brands like Waterman and Cross pens etc. You can utilize your desktop or laptop screen as well.

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