IELTS serve as the gateway to get admission into top universities and colleges around the world. This exam tests your English proficiency in terms of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Every year thousands of students give the exam, but very few achieve a band score of 8 or 9, and others fail to meet the threshold.

So now, before giving the test, it's better first to have in-depth knowledge of English and its related aspects. Get a thorough understanding of the format of IELTS paper; they come in two variants The Academic Test and The General Training Test. According to your needs, you can choose anyone. Every module has its purpose, and you have to score well in all of them to have a good overall score.
Along with joining the IELTS coaching institute in chandigarh, please study at home as well. Here I have brought some tips for you:

• First things first, develop a passion for learning something no matter how hard it is. Harder you practice, more bands you will score. Fall in love with the language you are trying to learn and choose all the right techniques.

• Want to learn fast then stay consistent as much as you can. Watch English movies, TV series, listen to English songs or read anything in English that interests you. Be patient with yourself.

• Start from Scratch when your focus is on "Spoken English" and start speaking, no matter how bad you do.

• Think in English, seems weird right. It is quite hectic to first think the sentence in your mother tongue and then translate in English. Don’t follow this pattern to become fluent quickly.

• Get rid of "Mother Tongue Bias." By this I mean, when you speak in English there should be no trace of native language, not even the accent.

• Readout loudly and record your voice. By this way, you will come to know how well you pronounce the words and your pace. Find the differences and work on it.

• Listen and watch more and more English movies with subtitles, read your favorite songs, lyrics, English news, or any talk shows. You won't be able to recognize when you became so fluent by consistently working on this point.

• Don't forget the other modules, writing, and reading. Take help of the practice question papers available on the internet and follow every bit of it rather than gulping everything at once. Pick any topic and start writing on it and keep doing this for days to see some improvement. For reading, read as many as you can and make it a part of your daily regime.

• Work at most on your grammar. I heard some people saying that focus on your vocabulary and the grammar will improve automatically, but they are guiding you wrong. Strengthen your knowledge of verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, tenses, etc. as it's very crucial.

• Dream big and stay optimistic, but please don't daydream. Remember, if you have worked hard, then it will show in your grades automatically.

• Learn new words every day and use them in your day to day conversation. Shift your language of communication from native to English to improve even more and become fluent.

• Construct sentences and take help of all the peers who are expert. You can take help of various online programs available on the internet.

• Whenever you hear a word, take out the dictionary to know the meaning and way to pronounce it. Follow this, to enrich and strengthen your vocabulary.

• If your confidence is low, they often stand Infront of the mirror and talk in English as much as you can on any topic. Pay attention to your movements, gestures, expressions, etc. Only you can be the best judge.

• To add more fun to your learning, pick up some tongue twisters, and start practicing them to smoothen your movement of the tongue so that it doesn't get stuck.

• Don't be self-satisfied as it would act as a hindrance in your success. Never lose heart and keep trying.

I completely disagree with the idea of taking admission into some English Learning Institute, if you can learn everything at home using the internet and all other sources you have. This list can be elongated more, but I kept it short and crisp. Follow all the above-listed points to score good bands and place in your dream university.

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