Most of the parents contemplate that baby stroller is very important while going out with baby. Baby stroller has many benefits regarding child comfort and parent comfort too. It is now essential part of a growing family because while going out with infants in a family may be difficult to shift baby from home to the desired place.
Some baby don't live without their mother even a single second.

So, in this case mother have to take her baby with her either on shopping or anywhere. So in this situation Baby stroller is essential for both parent and baby comfort.

To keep baby calm and relax in baby stroller is also a big challenge for parents. Some of the tips are described below to keep your child at ease in baby stroller.

• Pre-Cool:

While going out in summer parents should turn A/C for some minutes before hooking up child in stroller. It provide baby a good start, making him calm and fresh. This tip can only be felicitous while you are at your home or somewhere other accustomed place like friends' home. This tip can't be applicable while you are in mall etc. because it can annoy that person who'll be waiting for you.

• Portable Stroller Fan:

In summer seasons, Its seem cool to have a portable stroller fan while going out on a stroller because hot afternoon may be fussy which can make little one get tire and uncomfortable. You should use clip-on fan for stroller because its protective covering protect little ones' soft fingers from being harmed by fan blades.

• Stroller Seat Liners:

Little one can get hot because of stroller and car seat so parent should use seat liner. Seat liner by Meeno-Babies is the best choice because its cool-soft seat also have poly-mesh layers which allow flow of air through seat and liner. It also have ability to absorb moisture and make seat free from moisture provide infant a dry, comfortable seat during hot days.For more updates click here

• Shade:

Stroller must have canopies because it prevent the child from intense sunlight. Mostly strollers have canopies which barely provide shade to the infant so, parents should make sure that their baby stroller have perfect canopy which can prevent baby from intense sunlight.

➤ Quantitative Study

About 5.6 million of baby strollers are sold in USA every year. When parents of children 1-5 year age were interviewed for why they use baby strollers by research-based network in Toronto, Mostly parents told that they use strollers because it reduce physical activity of both parent and child. Its helpful but it has also many side effects as 21.5% of children are overweight due to the extensive use of strollers.

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