When it comes to hair care, no one knows your hair better than you. The key to healthy, clean hair starts with what you’re putting on it and how you treat it. With the use of organic shampoos and conditioners, and a few other simple tricks, everyday can be a great hair day.

Avoid Washing Every Day
The more you touch your hair, the quicker it looks and feels dirty, but shampooing isn’t always the answer. Washing your hair every day isn’t good for you, because you’re stripping the hair of its natural oils. For some hair types, over shampooing means drying the hair out, while for others, it causes the scalp to produce oil much faster. It’s possible to train your hair and wash it less, so start by extending your hair washes an extra day, and use helpful tools like dry shampoo in between.

Be Careful With Heat
Curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers all damage your hair. Overusing heat products will contribute to breakage, like split ends, and dries out hair while actually stripping it of natural moisture. As tempting as it might be to use these products daily, try to limit this to only once a week to best protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage. Heat also extends to hot showers, known for causing split ends and frizziness. Washing your hair with cool water helps boost shine and preserves its natural moisture.

Try Different Hairstyles
A sleek high ponytail is not only stylish, but practical too. Unfortunately, having your hair tied back all the time can damage the hair follicle itself from being pulled too tight, resulting in serious fallout and breakage. When wearing your hair up, avoid the use of elastic rubber bands, or fabric ties with metal pieces, opt for something more gentle, like a scrunchie or ouchless tie. Sometimes the best thing for your hair is to leave it down, au naturale, and make sure to keep rotating hair styles.

Get A Trim Regularly
Cutting your hair seems counterproductive when trying to grow it out, but getting rid of those dead and split ends helps it grow healthier and faster. By not cutting or trimming regularly, your hair will get shorter on its own, as ends dry out and tangle with one another, causing more breaks. Consider visiting the hairdressers for a trim every 6-8 weeks.

Use Natural Shampoo and Conditioner
Skip the conventional shampoo and conditioner brands, your roots deserve better! Organic shampoos and conditioners help your hair look and feel beautiful using all-natural ingredients. Don’t be fooled into thinking all shampoos and conditioners do this, because some will use harsh chemicals to clean the dirt from your hair, ultimately damaging your scalp and hair follicles in the process. Natural shampoos and conditioners provide rich nutrients, vitamins and oils that you hair needs to be healthy and beautiful.

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