With the advent of the summer it becomes essential that your house remains cool and relaxing from the beginning of the season till the end of hot and humid weather. To achieve this HVAC system is the best option. Most the people already have this system installed in their houses and wisely so. A dependable and maintained HVAC system saves you from the heat of the summers as well as the cold of the winters. But to keeping it running smoothly during summers and avoid any unpleasant sweaty days because of the service and maintenance problem follow these tips to keep your home cool and HVAC happy throughout summer.

1-Cleaning Air Filters Regularly
Clean air filters improve the performance of the cooling of HVAC. The vent system throws out all the humidity and foul air in the room and with it the dust gets absorbed but air filters block them going into the system and the dust particles accumulate on the surface of the filters. If the filters are not being cleaned timely, their blockage can make it hard for the cooling air to come out of the vents. Moreover, these clogged filters make the HVAC system work longer and put a lot of load on the cooling system to regulate the temperature in the room. All this results in heavy consumption of electricity and lesser life of your HVAC system. So, clean indoor and outdoor filters can keep your house cool.

2-Checking the System Beforehand
People tend to postpone checking the capability of their HVAC system until the summers fully comes. Often when you need your cooling system to work properly as summer arrives, it happens that cooling system does not work properly. This is a totally avoidable situation and the trick is to check your HVAC system right before the summers to evade any unwanted situation.

3-Scheduling the Regular Service Provider
Maintaining HVAC system is expensive but repairing and replacing a complete HVAC system is even more expensive. A trustworthy and professional HVAC service provider is essential for a HVAC happy home. A thorough examination of your cooling system is essential twice a year. Scheduling minimum two HVAC service visits annually saves a lot of your money on the repairing costs and increases the life and performance of your HVAC system.

4-Listen to the Warning Signs
When strange noises start to come out of your AC or thermostat begins to malfunction then these are the signs that there is some problem going on in the functionality of your cooling system. Look into the problem yourself. There might be ice built up in your system or your filter might need some change. But if you can not find any fault yourself then call your AC service provider as soon as possible before the problem escalates and damages your HVAC system.

5-Taking Good Care of Outdoor Compressor
Outdoor compressor unit of cooling system is important just like the indoor system. Outdoor compressor evacuates all the heat from the room and the system. Its important that its system should be unobstructed. Just look for out grown shrubs or plants around the compressor. Making the outdoor unit clear guarantees an efficiently working cooling system.

6- Sealing the Leakage
If your house does not cool properly no matter how low temperature you set your thermostat, then you should look for the leaks in the ducts of your HVAC system. Leakage of cool air in the system is a major malfunction that costs you a lot on consuming energy. Just look for leaks in ducts and seal them. You will see the improvement in cooling in your house.

7- Placing your Furniture Away from Vents
Cool air comes through the indoor vents in your house, so it is crucial that you place your furniture, or any other house hold item away from these vents. The area right in front of the cooling vent should be cleared for the proper spread of the cooling air in your house. It is an efficient way to spend less money on electricity consumption.

These tips will keep your house cool and HVAC happy through out the summer. You can make your HVAC system cost-effective and long lasting by following these simple tips for a happy sweat free summer.

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