Engagement rings represent everlasting love. Many of us prefer wearing it every day, no matter what we do. Due to this, engagement rings can spoil its look if you are not careful in maintaining them. Cleaning it regularly keeps it shining and sparkling. Here are few tips that help you to take care of your diamond ring to make it last for many years.

- Because of your daily activities, your engagement rings can become dirty and greasy. Even if you remove them before housecleaning and shower, it collects dust. Your rings should be kept far away from soaps, lotions, oils and harsh chemicals.

- Clean your diamond rings regularly to maintain the spark on it. In order to clean the diamond, you can use a soft tooth brush. Take a bowl of water and add 1 table spoon of mild liquid soap and soak your diamond engagement ring for few minutes. Then take a brush and gently scrub the diamonds and rinse it to get rid of the dirt. Finally pat it dry before you wear it on your finger.

- If your diamonds are really greasy and dirty, you need to use something that is a bit stronger than the soap solution. You can mix equal amount of Ammonia and water, let the ring soak in this Ammonia solution for atleast 30 minutes. Then softly rub them with a soft tooth brush. Rinse it and pat dry.

- There is also jewellery cleaning kits for diamonds available in any departmental stores. These cleaning kits have almost everything that is useful to clean the diamond rings. This kit can be used over and over again.

Taking care of your diamond rings requires both cleaning and maintenance. Ensure that you take your diamond ring to a jeweller once a year. Let them check if the diamond ring needs any repair. This way you can put the loose diamonds in place.

When you are not wearing the diamond ring, you can store it in a jewellery box meant for diamonds. Keep it away from any other jewellery item. This prevents your diamonds from scratching.

Your engagement ring is one of your assets; it is important for you to keep it sparkling. The cleaning method that you chose is up to you. Cleaning it, time to time maintains its shine for a longer period.

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