Over the years the roles of several jobs have changed. So has the responsibilities of teaching assistants. So being up to date with teaching assistant skills for resume give you an extra edge. 

Teaching assistants job is to support the teacher at his work. His role is to help the teacher and students by creating the proper learning environment. He is also responsible for the proper social and educational development of the students. In secondary school TA’s are also known as learning support assistants.

The competition for jobs as TA is fierce. So to get your foot in the door you will have to be updated with the latest job requirements and responsibilities. You will have to put them in your CV to earn your edge over other candidates.

TA responsibilities

The following is an updated list of teaching assistant responsibilities

  • Their main responsibility is to reinforce the lesson taught by teacher. The assistant review the lesson either in groups or one-on-one:with the students
  • Implement the rules and regulation of the school and ensure proper social behaviour of the students.
  • Help out the teacher in administrative works such as keeping record of lessons, attendance, calculating grades.
  • Academic responsibilities such as help the teacher set up and get materials ready for the lesson.
  • Supervise the students during class, on breaks and field trips
  • Help out the students with class projects, art and other co-curricular activities.

So TA’s are beneficial for both students and the teachers.

Teaching assistant skills for resume 

Your resume consists of detailed work experience, skills, education and other relevant information regarding your career so far. Cover letter is a summary of who you are and why you are a good fit for this position. So without any experience a lot depends on how you represent yourself and your skills in the cover letter. Here are the basic skills that every teaching assistant should possess. 

Certified in youth work 

Youth work is the set of activities that promote the optimal social and mental development of young children. Being involved in youth work can be instrumental in bringing up a child with positive outlook. So being a certified youth worker can be a great way to gain the attention of the hiring manager. Click this text to learn more about Youth Work

Become Certified in Special Educational Needs

About 1.3 million children in England which is 15% of pupils has some sorts of special educational needs. Mainstream Schools are struggling to provide for the special needs. So Being certified in special educational needs(SEN) can be a great addition to your resume. It will instantly qualify you above a lot of candidates who may not have the same. To become a qualified Teaching Assistant.

First aid certified

Having first aid training is a valuable qualification for TA’s. You will work with young people who are suffering from health conditions such as asthma, food allergies or epilepsy. Being a first aid certified TA claims better preparedness for the job.

Interpersonal skills and communication skills

This is important criteria for all professionals these days. Interpersonal skill is your ability to interact and engage with people. On the other hand communication skills refers to your ability to take instructions or idea and convoy them to people. 

As a TA you will spend a lot of your time following up with students on their lessons. Either in groups or individually. Excelling communications and interpersonal skills will serve you well on your duties.


As a Teachers Assistant you will need to be creative and improvise on several occasions. You will require to use all your abilities to be able to answer all the cunning question the pupil you are assigned to work with. 

Organizational skills

As you will be working with children in an academic setting your organization skills have to be tip-top. Keeping the classroom clean and organized is one of the main attributes employers look for in TA’s. 


The responsibilities of a TA includes a variety of work. So you may have to shift to a different task within minutes. You may have to monitor pupils behaviour and at a time and also work on the lesson plans.  Multitasking abilities will help a lot from a TA’s perspective. 


The collaboration between the teacher and the TA plays a major role in teaching. Not only with the teacher but you will also be working with the students as a team. To reach the learning objectives of every student you will have to focus on growing as a  class. You will have to transpose the skill of teamwork among the students as well. This way everyone will help each other learn and your job will become easier. 


Patience is the name of the game if are working with anything related to young people and children. This goes for teachers and TA’s as well. You will be faced with several types of situation while working with children that will need you to keep calm. You will be working with challenging behaviour, children with special needs, communicate lessons to young children each or these activities require a lot of patience. It's not possible to rush while working with your people. 


Concluding remarks

Your resume should consist of a skill section where you can highlight all your key skills. Place the more relevant skills to the job higher up the order. This will help get the attention from recruiters. Try to portray yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

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