An internship is a professional training that is required to be completed to give direction to one’s career perspective. Every job has a certain expectation, companies train their employees to meet these expectations through internships.

In a professional internship programme, an institute arranges a professional who helps in delivering vocational education to the candidates.

If your company is planning to provide an internship then here’s how you can make the entire process efficient by following these tips:


Ask around people in your company if they require any intern for their department. Every department need interns to run operations smoothly and assist in ongoing project processes. To start with, ask how many interns they require and what kind of skills they are looking for in them. This will help in hiring the right candidates.

Hire and analyse

You can assign an intern to the job where you are looking for appointing someone full time shortly. This will help them to prepare for the job from the very beginning and will save the resources of your company, as you won’t have to hire someone else specifically for that role. After hiring, you can evaluate their performance to ensure that you are investing on the right candidate.

Rotating interns

If a full-time employee is on leave or vacation, you can simply do an intern rotation to cover up the work. This will help in reducing the workload and the intern will learn to perform basic activities in each department. In this way, your company department will get help and would be appreciative of having a helping hand.

Assign an authority to the intern

You can appoint an intern manager to keep a check on their activity and performance. They should have a mentor assigned to them who can provide them with cost-effective assignments. By getting them a mentor, they will be able to understand and feel more comfortable in working at your company.


If you are providing online training then you can coordinate a schedule for all the employers and interns. You can schedule their part of the activity by fixing the number of hours per day, week or month. Keep an open communication and provide them with a platform where they can address any kind of queries or issues they might be facing during the training, to their intern manager.

Provide interns with duties in advance

You should send a proper description of all the roles and duties of the intern through email in advance so that they are prepared for it. Ask members of your company to give them a warm welcome, take them through all the protocols, show them the office and recite every policy with a clear indication. Make them feel comfortable and help them be part of the company, which will motivate them to work dedicatedly.

Make sure that on day one you have someone to welcome and greet them. You should discuss all the responsibilities and expectations of the company as well as of the intern. You can try to make their beginning easy by assigning them to simple and easy projects.

Provide proper supplies

Make sure that your interns have access to all the supplies that they would be needing to be productive from day 1. Explain them about the procedures, company assets and any other system that they should be aware of. You can ask older interns to guide new ones through all the systems, this will save the resourceful time of other employees and allow them to take care of work/objectives as well.

Keep a rewarding system

Internship can be paid or unpaid. Keep a proper rewarding system for the interns to ensure that they work efficiently. Give them a lunch treat or weekend outing, gift card or write them a recommendation letter so that they can secure a good job later.

A happy and efficient intern makes the internship programme successful & helps the organisation drive better results.

Closing up

By developing a well-organised programme where interns are provided timely performance reviews under the guidance of experienced mentors will ensure that they learn something from your company. Providing a quality learning experience and opportunity to interns will make your internship programme successful.

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