Tips to Meditate

Choose your purpose to meditate. You have different person from another to meditate so don’t judge yourself. It might be just to get rid of your inner chatter, may be to see your real self or some other reason. Ask yourself that why do want to meditate

Don’t force yourself to meditate. Meditation is an act of achieving freedom of mind so you can’t force your thoughts to achieve it.

Have patience. Keep patience when you start mediating to see the desired results. Everyday you may or may not see the desired results. So have patience.

Sometimes you might feel like telling your mind to say “Just Shut up”, which brings frustration. Switch your focus to your breath instantly and let the frustration go.

Have a guided meditation track/DVD/CD with yourself like , which helps you to stay focused and to avoid any extra efforts to meditate.

Read books about meditation. Understand the basics

Say Thank you at the end.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr Monica Nagpal, Founder & CEO The Healing Zone

Dr Monica Nagpal is a holistic healer & teacher, a motivational speaker and an Industrial Counsellor who draws inspiration from the Source – The Creator of All That Is and works as a divine conduit. Dr Monica Nagpal often called as the Miracle Lady is a healer of international repute. She is an intuitive, a clairvoyant and a wonderful psychic.

Monica is a gifted healer and due to her varied experience of working with thousands of clients worldwide, she has emerged and evolved into a awesome counsellor and inspiration for many as she has mastered how to stay unaffected by the blocks life presented. She is a winner and champion in many ways. People who meet her get touched by her constantly encouraging and joyous presence.
She follows to the hilt, “Gratitude to those who were good to you and Forgiveness to those who are not.”

Her tryst with life led her to explore spiritual and metaphysical concepts to redesign her life. She practices balance and harmony and loves to share it with everyone.
Her quest to know the Truth led her to acquire certifications in myriad alternative modalities since 2002 which include Usui Reiki, Violet Flame Healing, Magnified Healing, Lama Fera, Melchizedek and Karuna Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy & Tarot Reading systems of healing. She completed her all levels in Kundalini Yoga and Kriya yoga.

Dr Monica Nagpal considers herself very blessed as she always found the best teachers right from the beginning of her school life.

Monica Nagpal has the following certifications and degrees to her credit apart from being an M.Phil in English and also holds a B.Ed degree. She has always been a dedicated and innovation teacher. She was felicitated with an award “Spardha Shree” conferred in the field of education for her innate skills of motivational and innovative skills in teaching young children.