If you are already in the networking niche, you know how tough it is to crack Cisco CCIE certification. It is one of the highest-paid IT certifications across the globe. Every year, many candidates test their luck and hard work to become CCIE certified, but only a few cross the barricade and earn the certification.

According to the experts, it takes nearly 7-10 years to prepare yourself for a CCIE Certification. However, numerous networking engineers only keep dreaming of it throughout their life. This clearly defines how tough this exam is.

On one hand, it’s hard for people to crack this exam, but it isn’t impossible to crack it in 1st attempt. Below listed are the tips that will definitely help you earn CCIE certificate in your first attempt.

Search for a Renowned CCIE Training Institute: The first step towards your preparation for the certification is finding a renowned CCIE Lab that can prepare you for the exam. Across the globe, there are 10K+ training companies that can master you for the exam, but only a few of them are ranked atop. Top training institutes have claimed over 90% of the selection rate, which is far better than numerous other names in the market.

Select Certified Trainers Only: It’s important to only opt for a certified professional/trainer. A certified professional can only help you with the hacks and tactics to crack the exam in the first go. This doesn’t mean other trainers are completely worthless. Learning from CCIE certified trainers will help you with their personal experiences that will be a plus for you during your preparation. Further, you will also learn the Do’s and Don’ts when preparing for the CCIE exam.

Prepare Preparing with Other Aspirants: Numerous online courses are nowadays available to train you for the CCIE exam, but it is highly recommended to consider physical training institutes to get trained. Preparing with other CCIE aspirants will boost your zeal towards the goal and help you in doubts. Communicating with the aspirants will further help you with the exam trends and various other tricks, which isn’t possible with online lessons.

Take Regular Mock Tests: Testing your knowledge is essential to find the pain points. Taking mock tests will help you acknowledge your weak points and work on them simultaneously. Further, mock test papers will also build your discipline and prepare you for the exam. Limited questions in the given time are what you need to practice for the exam. Yes, you can either go for physical mock tests or online test series to practice your lessons and build better command on time management, exam-specific questions, etc.

All in all, it entirely depends upon how much effort you invest in achieving your goal. It’s not impossible to crack the Cisco CCIE exam and get certification in your first attempt. Do let us know what’s your unique strategy to crack the exam and become a certified CCIE professional? Also, let us know your findings how certified professionals have worked to clear the exam.

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