Civil service is the most reputed and honored profession to get into. Thousands of students try every year to pass through these examinations but only a few meritious students get through and are now working with esteemed companies. A thorough preparation is necessary in order to pass these exams, as they are very difficult to clear. One of the most important pre-requisites for these exams is general knowledge. It is part of the syllabus for the exam preparation.

Following are some basic tips that need to be kept in mind while preparing for the civil service exams:
One should not stress out and drain his or her mind and body. Relax but prepare thoroughly.
Know your syllabus thoroughly and stick to it. Do not waste your time on things that are not important.
Set a definite time table and follow it with precision
Start reading newspapers some months before appearing for your exams. Consider it a part of your syllabus
Start building your concentration skills. Concentration is a skill which you can develop and which you need during study time as well as during the exam.
Be sure you are getting enough sleep, diet, and exercise. A health body will lead to a healthy mind and help you prepare better.
Avoid last minute cramming. Start preparing as soon as the exam dates are announced.
Be systematic with your studies. Practice two or three times a day . the more you practice the better you will perform
Practice from mock question papers provided in the internet. This would help you get a gist of the kind of questions asked in the civil service exams.
Develop reading habits. This would build up your vocabulary.
Concentrate on your weaker areas. It may be more fun to study subjects with which you are already comfortable, but you should extend your focus to those topics, which may make you uncomfortable or unsure.
Just study in the daytime before your exam. Do not over work yourself. Revise the syllabus once.

These tips would help you in the preparation for civil service examinations. Nothing is asked beyond the syllabus you just need to cover all the topics thoroughly and prepare well.

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