A good career is the dream of many students but only some of them are able to achieve it with their hard work, others keep depending on luck and lose the chance to grab the opportunity. Exams are a gateway for entry into these highly coveted career options like IAS, Banks, mba, ips etc. all these career fields have different exams conducted in different time of the year but all are conducted with the same purpose of judging the capability and potential of the aspirant applying the particular post or admission in that particular career field. To make matters worse, one does not have to only pass in these exams but excel with meritious scores in order to distinguish themselves from the thousands of applicants appearing for the exam and raise one notch higher than the rest. In order to achieve this success you need to work hard with much determination and follow some basic tips to prepare for your exams.

IAS (Indian administrative service) is one of the highest and most successful career options available to the youth in present times. They have the major responsibility to manage the bureaucracy and ensure the welfare of the society. Every child dreams of being a part of civil service and become an IAS officer that would secure his or her future for the lifetime.

However, it is not easy to pass the exams conducted by UPSC for entry in to the IAS. It takes some students many years to be able to pass these exams with high scores and then face the grilling interview session. For this thorough preparation is a major pre-requisite. You cannot prepare for IAS exams in one day; it takes months to be thorough with the syllabus. Current affairs cover the major portion of the syllabus, since a particular section is dedicated to current affairs not only in exams but also in the interview session. For this, you have to be regular with reading the newspapers, watching the news and listening to the radio. Knowledge regarding current affairs can also be improved by practicing quizzes available in the quiz books, and easier way to access knowledge these days is the internet, which will help you a great deal in your exam preparation for the IAS. Here are few tips to be kept in mind:
Have a strong vocabulary. Reading newspapers would be very helpful. A different section is reserved to check your vocabulary in the exam.
Choose scoring subjects in your prelims like maths, history, geography; they have good availability of books as well as more chances of gaining full marks.
Have a strong knowledge of the on going current affairs.
Answer those questions first which you are confident about. Do not waste time on answers you do not know. In CSAT, one part of the question paper tests your accuracy and speed.

These are some basic tips, which would make it easier for you to prepare for your IAS exams. In addition, being updated with current affairs is very essential, it not only helps in the IAS exams and
CSAT, but also highly coveted exams like Bank exams, IPS, mba etc.

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