Everyone loves to follow the latest trend in styling an outfit or hair. And nowadays, everyone loves to change your looks by changing their hairdo to match every outfit. To change your look instantly, you can use virgin hair extensions are the best product to try on. Even if you do heat styling, it won’t damage your extensions, but it should be taken care of properly. Since these hair weaves are made of pure human hair, so they’re not so cheap. You might find many brands that provide cheap hair weave, but it easily gets damaged, and you can’t use it for a long time. But due to constant heat styling, our virgin hair bundle gets rough as it loses all its nourishment and moisturizer.

Here are some tips that you must follow to keep your virgin hair extensions safe and make it last for a long time:

Firstly, you must brush your virgin hair or your permanent hair extensions before using it before going to sleep as it will minimize all the knots and tangles of the hair.

While you sleep with your permanent virgin hair weave, try to braid your hair loosely so that it can protect the hair from getting tangled while you are moving and tossing at night.

Try to use Sulfate-free Shampoo for washing human hair bundles as they are mild shampoo, and It won’t harm your hair. As the extensions don’t receive any natural oil from the roots so, you have to take care of it more than your natural hair. Already many brands recommend using their hair care products for their extensions. Brands Like Indique Hair, Hair factory, Diva Divine have their own hair care products, which are really good.

Stylist recommends, to use a silk scarf or satin pillow covers. Suppose you sleep with your extensions. But these hair care tips apply to all not only for virgin hair bundles but also for your natural hair as it will reduce the damage of your hair.

Don’t use certain hair accessories like the elastic bands and the small hair clips as it can cause hair damage and put stress on your hair roots. Alternatively, you can go for soft scrunchie to style your virgin hair with easy hairstyles like a high ponytail or high bun, but you have to tie it very lightly at the top of your head.

Don’t fall sleep with your wet hair weave as it makes your hair frizzy & rough and can cause hair breakage.

Wash your extensions after every heat styling. Don’t keep it without brushing & washing it and use it again for heat styling; that way, it will get more damage.

Use a t-shirt rather than some rough towel to dry your hair as it won’t disturb the hair fiber of the extensions. It will keep the hair strand soft, and it won’t cause any hair breakage damaged.

Once you start with following these steps, it will keep your hair and your virgin hair bundles safe and protected from any damage. And also, it will help you to take advance of these expensive products for a long time, unlike synthetic extensions so, If you want to invest in bundles, then go for it and follow these steps to keep it soft, smooth & shiny.

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