I was reading a forum post today, and saw a complaint by an unsatisfied costumer of a company. The person flew with an air company, they lost the baggage, had really bad customer support and finally he visited their Facebook Fan Page and ranted there.

To top it, people treated him very bad, posting really unpleasant comments, etc.

It was a very bad experience for the guy and sure isn't a way to run a Facebook Fan Page.

This got me thinking about some other pages I've seen over these few years I have been using Facebook, so I want to remind all of us (not just you, but me too) what is a wrong way to run your Facebook Fan Page.

1. You have no image, info, link to your blog/business
This is the biggest problem on all social sites I have used. It is one of the top 10 reasons why you lose Twitter followers so why would Facebook be any different.

Depending on your page's purpose, there are different images you can use. If the page is about you, you must put your photo on it. If it is a Buy Facebook Fan Page Likes

for your business, you can put a logo of your company. If it is a page for your blog you can crop a part of your header and use it as the page photo (if you don't have a logo and don't want your image).

You must have info section filled in. You need to tell people what the page is about. Not everyone will find your page after they've visited your blog. If a friend suggested the page to a person, and he/she goes to check it out, it is the first encounter with your business. Make sure you inform your visitors about everything the page is about.

If you made the page to promote your blog, online business, or anything online, you must have a link to it. Facebook is the most visited website in the world and it can be a great source of visitors (income) for you. Make sure you show them the road to your blog.

2. You never visit your Facebook Fan Page
Yes, there are people that create a page and think that is the only thing they need to do. Well, people won't just come and like your page. So either you will visit your page and actually manage it, or you better start spending some money on Facebook ads.

You work on marketing your blog/website/business? Well, same thing goes for your Facebook Fan Page. It is an extension of your business so you should treat it as one.

3. You don't reply to anyone on your page
Are you trying to make money online? Who is goanna make you that money? People!!! So, you need as many people as you can get. They need to check out your offer and hopefully buy.

How will you get them to do what you want? Make them be thankful. Help them with whatever they need. Communicate with them and show them you care.

How long will it take you to reply to a question on your fan page? 5 minutes? That is all it can take for you to help a person in need. And that person could very well be your next customer.

If you leave them hanging with no answer for a month, not only will they find the answer elsewhere, they will buy elsewhere.

Reply to all posts, links and questions on your page. It is your page and you are the one that needs to make it interesting and live.

4. You don't allow posts from your fans
Why would you do that? The whole point of attracting people to your business is communicating with them. You won't accomplish anything if you make them listen but won't listen back!

Allow posts from fans and interact.
5. You allow any kind of links on your page
This is again connected to number 5. It is OK... no, it is great to let people post some of their links on your page. But don't allow just anything.

Make sure the posts are related to your topic. Don't allow posts to spammy blogs and websites. Don't allow posts to sale pitches. Don't even allow posts to pages that are filled with affiliate links and ads, it is after all your business, why would you send your fans to other businesses.

Do I even need to remind you not to allow links to porn sites, gambling, child abuse, animal abuse, politics, racial and religious content, etc.

6. You don't have favorite pages listed
What are those, I hear you ask.

Favorite pages are listed at the bottom of the left sidebar on your Facebook Fan Page, just between your fans and links.

Why should you add favorite pages? Well, it is not a must of course. But you link to other blogs from your posts so why not show some love to your favorite pages as well. And it costs no link juice. I added a few pages but plan to add all the pages from blogs I follow.

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