Anxiety and Stress
Turn off anxiety with passionflower tea
• As effective as prescription anti-anxiety medications.
• The tea won’t make you feel foggy in comparison to many prescription drugs.
• The herb balances chemical receptors in the brain which causes a sedative effect easing anxiety.
Reduce stress hormones with breakfast
• If you don’t eat within an hour of waking, your level of stress hormones stays elevated all day.
• Cortisol and adrenaline build up overnight, waiting to be burned off when you eat breakfast.
Chill out by getting your hands dirty
• Bristol University researchers have evidence that gardening puts you in direct contact with healthy mycobacteria found in soil.
• Mycobacteria activate neurological receptors in the brain, triggering the release of serotonin.
• Just dig in the dirt without gloves to increase exposure to the friendly bacteria.
Shake off a.m. stress with scented soap
• A British study found that folks who inhale soap infused with rosemary and mint felt happier and energized.
• Compounds in the aromas enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain, where they boost its resistance to stress.
Fish oil reduces anxiety
• Ohio State University researchers found that those who took increased amounts of omega-3 fish oil supplements had a 20 percent reduction in anxiety levels.
• Findings suggest that if young people can get improvements from dietary supplements, then the elderly and people at high risk for certain diseases might benefit even more.
6 easy ways to outsmart anxiety
1. Sip a relaxing cup of tea
• Drink four cups a day and researchers say your production of the anxiety-triggering stress hormone cortisol will be cut by 47%.
2. Pop brain-soothing 5-htp
• 9 out of 10 people suffering from either panic attacks or generalized anxiety disorder felt significantly calmer while taking 50 mg.-100mg. daily of this amino acid.
3. Take sage for inner calm
• Taking 600 mg. of sage leaf extract daily increases mood-boosting brain chemicals, making you 11% calmer under stress.
4. Write away your worries in a diary
• Studies show venting pent-up feelings on paper for 15 minutes, three times weekly, reduces worry, anxiety, insomnia, and others, 30%.
5. Chill out with chili pepper
• A dash of capsaicin stimulates a rush of endorphins in the brain, steading nerves in 2 minutes.
6. Revisit the past to relax
• Harvard research shows recalling a relaxing experience prompts your body to produce more calming chemicals.
Feel less anxious! Navajo wisdom: Sand painting
• Because sand painting requires slow movements and careful precision, it creates a feeling of calm and serenity.
• Doing anything artistic lessens tension and boosts your mood up for up to 3 days.
Alkalize for Health - Saliva pH test
• Calcium and magnesium in balance are needed for proper conduction of electrical impulses in nerves and muscles. Taken together, they are mild neuromuscular relaxants and help promote sleep at bedtime.
Take two woofs
• When people talk to animals, their blood pressure decreases.
Feel less anxious with chamomile oil
• The aroma and chemical compounds of chamomile essential oil reduce anxiety and boost mood.
Mastering Anxiety
• 45 drops of passionflower tincture a day to 30 mg of oxazepam (Serax) both reduce anxiety.
• Hawthorn and California poppy are both subtly sedating.
• Using relaxing essential oils during a massage can reduce anxiety, possibly for two weeks after.
Let nature make you healthier
• Raindrops ease anxiety. Rain fills the air with negative ions, specially charged particles that enter the bloodstream and increase levels of the brain’s own calming hormone, serotonin.
Bird songs ease anxiety
• 26% drop in the blood pressure when listening to bird songs!
Sniff it to nix anxiety
• A whiff of basil will tame tension and mellow your mind in minutes.
Nix worries and anxiety
• Zinc is a key building block of dopamine, a brain chemical that halts blue moods, plus helps you stay calm.
Tame worries instantly
• Music soothes stress the best. Music releases tension instantly.
• A quick way to get your brain to relax is to relax your face.
• Massaging your temples helps you relax.
• Exercise – “I had a client that was going through a divorce and just felt stuck, so we did lunges together to get her moving forward.” If you exercise the physical reflection of what you want to do mentally, it will relieve anxiety.
• Spending 5 minutes outdoors will elevate your mood and lower your heart rate.
• Nuts contain stress-busting fatty acids, and it is proven biting into crunchy food relieves tension.
Anxious? Try these cures!
• Women who cut the number of times they check their e-mail in half reduced their anxious feelings by 50%.
• 30 seconds of intense activity such as mopping eases anxiety for an hour.
6 easy ways to turn off stress
1. Calming hibiscus tea is a proven blood-pressure reducer.
2. Rhythmic drumming is a proven way to even out stress levels.
3. 86% of people exposed to the sweet scent of flowers reported an increase of happiness and relaxation.
4. Deep breathing is a quick relief of pain and stress.
5. Passion flower extract reduces anxiety as well as anti-anxiety medications do.
6. Sipping kava tea 30 minutes before bed will help you relax and sleep.
Stress and your health
• Listen to your feelings, and admit to stress.
• Balance work and play, don’t do too much of either.
• A leisurely walk can bring inner peace and help put things in perspective.
Keeping calm
• Identify the major stressors in your life, and then take 5 slow and deep breaths.
• B vitamins and supplements found over the counter, taken once or twice a day in the morning can greatly reduce stress.
Beat stress and the blues
• Women who have 4 oz. of wine daily have 7% more leptin (a hormone that reduces anxiety) in their bloodstreams compared to none wine drinkers.
• Staying well rested boosts your brain’s ability to use leptin by 80%.
Help me stop worrying
• Plan ahead to prevent worries.
• Playing a game of poker tames anxiety by revving the parts of the brain responsible for concentration.
• Looking up at fluffy clouds helps short-circuit the racing thoughts associated with anxiety by drawing your attention to something slow-moving and serene.
Bye-bye, stress!
• Walnuts can calm adrenaline.
• Spending as little as 20 minutes talking to a friend cuts cortisol production by 63%.
Tame stress by turning on TV land
• Laughing at a favorite sitcom in a proven stress buster.
Oranges stop the stress-fat cycle
• Oranges help regulate the adrenal glands’ output of cortisol (the stress hormone)
Add 19 years to your life
• Taking a short nap about 30 minutes long will make your more energized, and it zaps stress.
• When stressed, those who rocked in a rocking chair for 30 minutes daily were 30% less stressed.
Eat Melons
• Oatmeal, melons, avocados, broccoli, bananas, oranges, blueberries, skim milk, and yogurt all are stress-busting foods to eat.
Breakthrough stress-beaters
• When you have big responsibilities, painting a picture or drawing releases dopamine, which is a hormone that lowers anxiety levels.
Sidestep Stress
• Take the edge off with bubble wrap – bursting the bubbles with your fingers is proven to be an effective way to relieve pent-up nervous tension.
• Researchers show stressed people feel significantly less overwhelmed within three months after taking up yoga.
• Nodding your head up and down triggers a release of feel-good endorphins.
• 2,000 full time workers reveal that gum-chewers say they suffer from far less stress and less depression than non-gum chewers.
Beat stress and anxiety
• Sleeping in on weekends eases stress.
• When speaking in a relaxed tone, subject’s anxiety levels dropped in minutes.
Add 19 healthy years to your life
• Yawning gives your lungs more oxygen, thus calming you down as well.
2-minute stress busters
• Ripping out weeds can cut anxiety levels by 25%.
Feel at ease by repeating yourself
• 75% of folks in stressful situations such as sitting in traffic jams were able to almost completely eliminate worry, anxiety, and stress by repeating a comforting mantra.
• Researchers have proven that conjuring up feelings of compassion not only calms stress immediately, but also reduces stress in the long term.
Stop stress in 30 seconds
• Inhaling the aroma of tangerine can kick-start GABA production in 30 seconds, easing anxiety by 26%.
Ketchup keeps stress in check!
• Ketchup is full of vitamin C, which reduces stress hormone levels.

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