he dog house you intend to buy will largely depend on the breed of dog you have. There is an exciting range of dog houses to choose from at various price ranges. The doghouse should be big enough for the dog to sit, stand and lie down completely stretched out inside. If you have bigger breeds like boxers, go for a large dog house, which will ensure comfort to your pet. However make sure that the dog house you buy is not too big as dogs feel more secure in small spaces where they can snuggle up.

Dog houses are available in various materials like wood or plastic and in case you live in very cold places, a wooden dog house will be a better option considering its insulation properties. There are dog houses in various shapes like rectangular and igloo shaped. As long as it has enough space for your dog, you can choose any shape of your choice. Make sure that the dog house that you choose have vents at the top for air circulation which keeps the dog house airy and comfortable during scorching summers or is fitted with a small air conditioning unit. Scout for well insulated dog houses to ensure maximum comfort for your dog in winter.

The dog house you choose must be waterproof that do not make the dog house damp. Plastic dog houses are inherently waterproof, but in case you are buying a wooden dog house make sure that it is made of treated wood and is water proof. The dog house should be heavy and sturdy enough to withstand gales as it should be knocked over in winds.

Large dog houses with just one room are ideal for large dogs such as Great Danes and Rottweilers as they need more space to move around. If your dog is smaller, you can divide the room into two to make the dog comfortable and secure. Another advantage of having a dog house for your pet is that it helps in its toilet training. Once you lock the dog inside it will hold the urge to relieve them till it is allowed out of the kennel as they do not like to dirty the place where they sleep. A kennel will keep the dog secure and will protect your furnishings and carpets from being nibbled by the bored dog, left alone in your house. Last but not least if you often travel with your pet, a kennel is an absolute necessity.

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In case you are planning to buy a dog house make sure to choose a model that is long lasting. There are many online shops that sell all the necessary pet accessories like pet car seat covers and dog leashes among others at attractive prices.