The Pearson Test of English, is an English proficiency exam which is a requirement by colleges, universities and the government for admission and immigration. This showcases the candidate’s ability and command over the English language. The results are graded by the Pearson Assessment software thus the integrity of the scores cannot be questioned, making it a highly unbiased and reliable method of grading.
The PTE is a three-hour test, divided into four sections, mainly, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. The Reading and Listening modules have multiple choice questions that have negative markings for incorrect answers. Results are usually declared within 5 working days. Many native English speakers believe that they can sail through the test; however one must be proficient in every section to pass with flying colors. Below given are a few tips that will enable you to score high in the PTE exam:
Prepare Well -
Students usually overcompensate to get ahead, be different from the crowd and put in the extra effort. It is safer to keep it simple and be focused before the test. The trick to acing this test is to be cautious rather than impetuous. Careful analysis of thoughts during the test before answering any question, will prevent mistakes and fumbling, enabling the student to come across as a confident speaker. Paying careful attention and heeding these tips will increase your chances of success. To summarize, think before you speak, a simple trick to succeed.

Understand the Test -
Don’t be impulsive. While going through the instructions before the test may seem unnecessary, it is important to make this entire experience hassle free. The instructions inform the candidate of the exam format, making them aware of what to expect and how to go about it. Giving practice tests before the exam helps the candidate familiarize itself with the test and analyze their weak points. The candidate is advised to take ample time to comprehend the question and answer.

Know Your Test Center
All centers are provided with certifications and only then are they accredited to conduct the exam. However, going to smaller test centers has greater benefits as the center is comparatively more quiet which helps the candidate stay focused before the exam. Taking the exam earlier in the day is always a better option because your mind is more alert. The environment at a test center is stressful but one has to make the effort to be in a calm zone mentally to be comfortable.

Avoid Error
Being focused is the key to nailing this exam, though time constraint is high during the exam, don’t let it get the best of you. Being attentive during the exam to avoid spelling errors or mishearing a word is vital to a good score. Brush up on your reading and listening skills by reading newspapers or listening to audios to avoid committing these fallacies. Understand the content to be sure of what you’re doing. Before writing think about what you want to say and continuously take notes while answering the listening section to avoid making errors. It is crucial to work on your weaknesses and be clear in your pronunciations. Be audible and carefully take notes to always ensure efficiency.

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Name – Aviva D
Country – Australia
University – Le Cordon Bleu

I had a wonderful experience with Edwise. The counselors are very helpful and informative. They have been very co-operative.
Name – Megdutt Bhramacharey
Country – New Zealand
University – Massey University

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