When it comes to pricing, vendors ought to be careful with what they quote. If you quote the services too high, chances are you will lose clients. Meanwhile if you do not charge them enough there is a likelihood that you may lose your money. 

Finding the right price for cleaning services 

A lot of times cleaning companies are forced to work on a less price as a result they end up losing their profit margin. Our suggestion is, always charge enough so that you neither lose clients nor have to compromise with your profit margin. Are you wondering if this is possible? A lot of cleaning company owners find it literally difficult to ascertain a balanced pricing which will help them drive clients while not having to sacrifice their profits. So, where is that “sweet pricing spot” exactly located? Here we will discuss how you can set a fair price for professional cleaning: 

Tips to price your services 

If you own a professional cleaners company in Brisbane, you should go through the following lines for setting the price. Have a look: 

Keep a record of the average cleaning time spent 

Since we all know time is money it makes sense if you quote the prices based on the amount of time you offer for the job. First find out the average price based on “price room” metrics. We will suggest you use a timer and find for yourself how much time the professional cleaners are taking to accomplish the job. To get a knowhow head straight to the rooms of your house with the cleaning supplies and act like you are among one of the home cleaning experts in Brisbane. Make sure you bag the timer when you do the cleaning. 

Set a time for each room like the bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, living area, stairs and foyer. Now, establish a “baseline” average. By setting the baseline you will be able to offer rough estimation of the cleaning time and will accordingly be able to set a suitable price for the service. 

Decide on the pricing model 

Here we are going to mention about three models cleaning companies use to set up prices for their service. 


Indeed its one of the commonest models for ascertaining the price of a cleaning service. Experts recommend residential cleaners in Brisbane must start with the particular pricing model. It allows a vendor to focus more on quality. The model is ideal for cleaning companies that offer services based on “average time allocated for cleaning each room”. Remember, your goal must focus on how efficiently your professionals are being able to deliver the job. 

Flat rate 

Next, is charging clients based on a flat rate. In this context we will like you to take into account certain areas which demand more hours to clean. Visit the site and find out the number of areas you need to cover. Now give an estimate based on the average time it takes to clean per room. Flat rates are in fact best if you want to sell your services. Quite interestingly clients are also interested in such pricing options since they can at least get a fair idea about how much the services will cost. Sometimes vendors even quote a price based on the square footage which needs to be covered. 

These are indeed few of the most instrumental ways to set prices for a house cleaning service. Remember, it’s your business and how you price your services will depend upon which pricing step you find convenient. 

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The author runs a professional cleaners company in Brisbane. In recent times the author has been shedding light on professional cleaning.