The summer sun and humidity can be a major obstacle to fitness for most of us. Here are few suggestions to help you stay busy when beating the sun.
Even seemingly easy things, such as going for a stroll, will become impractical in the summer. Physical exercise, on the other hand, is a vital aspect of healthy living because it can reduce stress, increase sleep efficiency, and enhance memory and mood. Here are few suggestions to help you maintain your physical activity standards despite the warm weather.
1. Choose your exercise wisely.
Choose an exercise that will not cause you to overheat. Swimming, water aerobics, and other classes, as well as walking in the shallow end of the pool, will help you remain healthy while staying calm. With the exception of yoga, indoor fitness courses often have very cold spaces to keep participants calm while their body temperature increases. You will much more likely to adhere to your fitness plans if you do the correct activity.
2. Timing is key.
The early afternoon is the hottest time of day, but if you're going to workout outside, try to stop doing so between noon and 3 p.m. Mornings are usually colder than evenings. We suggest exercising first thing in the morning to help you start the day grounded and feeling accomplished.
3. Use cooling gear.
Dry-fit tops and trousers, cooling caps and towels, and a variety of other accessories are available at sporting goods retailers and online. A cooling towel is my favourite thing because it can be used as a sweat absorber and keeps cold for hours.
4. Drink water, then drink more water.
It's important to note that when it's hot outside, the body has to keep hydrated in order to control its temperature. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise, and bear in mind that even though you're swimming in a pool and feel cold, you're already sweating.
5. Remember that being active can make you live longer!
With statistics showing that inactivity kills more people than smoking, it's sure to light a fire under your butt to get you to the gym! According to estimates, people who spend 7+ hours a day seated at a desk are 60% more likely to die early - inactivity is now the fourth leading cause of death in the western world, meaning you need to move more to counteract your sedentary desk employment.
According to a Lancet report, we can all be involved for at least an hour per day in order to remain well... and you would undoubtedly reap the rewards. Get rid of the lazy sensation, stop the pain and pressure that comes from sitting all day, and get the blood flowing. Your spirit, brain, and emotional condition will all be grateful!

6. Take the fun indoors.
Last but not least, note that movement and exercise are the ultimate goals, particularly if you are not a fan of working out in classes or gyms. Find indoor experiences that are enjoyable and adventurous, or that offer a social activity while also needing you to drive. Think creatively on what will make you comfortable but still keeping you going. Bowling, indoor racquetball, rock climbing, drum lessons, pottery workshops, hula lessons, and shopping are just a few suggestions. Wear a fitness tracker to keep track of your success.
When all of the other plans fail, consider how far you've come. Remember how much better you've been and how amazing you feel after getting exercise - keep that feeling in mind as you train for the next workout. Nothing beats endorphins and the sensation of having a healthy body!
Hopefully, we've provided you with some handy tricks and tips to help you stay inspired over the summer. Be set, the sun is about to rise...

Author's Bio: 

Molin Luna is a well-known fitness coach and dietcian. She advises people to stay healthy and write on health topics regularly.