Dark circles and puffy eyelashes are common with people working night shifts. You know what else is common? They find it difficult to mould themselves back into a healthy sleep routine.

If your job needs you to reverse your clocks; where you work at nights and you sleep in the day, then you might want to read what we’ve enlisted for you below.

But before that, know how working night shifts affect your health

How Lack of Proper Sleep Affects

Humans are designed to be active during the day and be resting at night. This is by natural design. Altering this obviously has consequences. Lack of healthy sleep affects the way your body functions.

It is said that lack of sleep could also contribute to weight gain, and less effective immunity. Not just that, but sooner than late, the person missing out on healthy sleep also falls prey to insomnia eventually.

Here’s How You Can Combat the Ill-Effects of Night Shifts

Staying healthy on the job is a mandate for excelling at it. Irrespective of what shift you work in, you maintaining your health is essential. So, follow these easier than easy tips to stay sharp between your ears even during that “graveyard shift.”

  1. Eat right for good energy
    Yeah, a night shift can be testing enough. But then again, there’s nothing some right food cannot take care of. Even when you are running the night shift, all you gotta do is have the right foods that help you stay up.

    Have more of what provides you with good chunks of energy. Natural sources of energy happen to be bananas and brown rice and fish like salmon and tuna. These are known to provide ample energy. These would help you last the night.

  2. Exercise your way out
    exercise is that one solution to innumerable problems, one of which is sleep deprivation also. You can alter your sleep schedule as per your shift, so that you do not miss out on exercising.

    If, on your rostered off, you feel too tired to get exercising in the morning, you could get some sleep and exercise later in the evening. Do make sure you get some exercise before the sun sets. You would not want to miss out on that Vitamin D.

  3. Unplug from devices for sounder sleep
    It is not uncommon for you to check your social media feed in the morning, right after you got done with your shift. You would want to catch up on all that happened in the night. However, this catching up will eventually leaves you wide-eyed, for real.

    Reports suggest that prolonged exposure to screens can damage the brain. It affects sleep patterns, and that is precisely the main reason why you would not be sleepy even when you are tired.

  4. Sleep patterns need to be accurately managed
    Now, there really is no science to it but we as humans feel more rested when we sleep at night. Your body generally is oblivious to the requirements of a “job”. It just needs its rest at the right time.

    When you sign up for a night shift, your body automatically starts to switch off, just like every other night. Without a doubt, you feel sleepy. So, in order to keep yourself up, you resort to some assistance like nicotine. This acts as a stimulant. Stimulants help in keeping the feeling of sleep at bay.


  However, the level of nicotine intake needs to be regulated. And this can be easily achieved when you switch to vaping. As compared to traditional cigarettes, you consume lesser nicotine.


Gradually, you find yourself consuming lesser nicotine over time. With much less nicotine       

content in the e-cigarette, you would not be disturbing your sleep cycle and this will ensure you remain fresh and invigorated the next day.

  1. Control the amount of light that gets to you
    Light has a major role to play when it comes to your circadian or sleep cycle. Your body detects whether it is time to sleep or wake up depending upon the light outside.

    However, when you let artificial light in, a bit too much, it can affect your circadian cycle just as much as sunlight would. Tricking your body during a night shift by exposing it to bright light can help you not fall asleep so easily.

    Studies have shown that workers who worked under bright lights at night and who wore sunglasses on their way back home were able to fall asleep faster.

  2. A nap in time saves time
    Workaholics tend to look at napping as a lazy task, but it actually helps function at better productivity levels when done right. When you are at your night shift, getting 45 minutes sleep would actually help.

    You got to understand the science of sleep. Sleep cycle is said to be complete when it goes from light to deep sleep once. Sleep cycles complete in cycles between 90-100 minutes. Thus, you got to ensure that you do not wake up when deep sleep is on, else you might wake up feeling more tired.

  3. Be prudent with your caffeine
    Being awake is not the end goal. Functioning with an enhanced level of wakefulness is. There is research study done in this field that suggests workers who consume smaller cups of coffee and more frequent doses of the same function with an enhanced level of wakefulness.

    Gulping down jugs of coffee won’t help, you see.

  4. Make a schedule, stick to it
    No matter how impossible it may seem to be, a revered schedule is a schedule nonetheless. It will definitely take a while, but soon, your body will get accustomed to the night shift.

    When you generally start feeling sleepy in the mornings is your cue that your body has now accepted its fate. Try sticking to this schedule, and grant your body a good 7-8 hours of sound sleep. You’d wake up fresher than ever before.

To sign off

In conclusion, we can say that if you follow the procedure right, you can master the art of staying up all night, without dozing at all. All it needs is staying committed to the duty and implementing these tips.  It will eventually make you the undisputed Champion of the Night Shift.

Author's Bio: 

Elianna Hyde, has been a freelance writer since 2009. She has attended university of California and graduated with masters in mass communication. She loves watching TV shows, movies and has keen interest in sharing her views on business trends and people’s lifestyle.