Increasing demand for the oscillating tool blades is mainly due to there flexible features. These blades are thick, durable, versatile and long lasting. Almost all true craftsman use these blades with there oscillating power tools to perform unlimited home improvement tasks, because these blades fit exactly in the blade arbor and enhance the performance of the oscillating tool. However, the efficiency and life span of these oscillating tool blades mainly depend upon the user’s tactics. Handling the blades without proper knowledge can even damage the multi tool. So, you need to know more about the blades before using them.

Here are few tips that might assist you to handle the oscillating tool blades effectively:

Purpose of usage:

If you need blades for personal use then you can look for less expensive ones, since you may not use these blades frequently. However, if you are craftsman then you must look for high quality blades that are made out of stainless steel and other specialty steel. An added advantage of stainless steel is that it doesn’t rust and has sharper edges for cutting. Blades such as Fein blades are expensive so you must use them with great care for efficient performance.

Check the seating of the blade:

You must always fit the blade exactly in the blade frame for better cutting results. When you fit the blade in the multi tool, you can hear a click sound which determines that the blade is seated exactly in the right spot. If it’s not seated properly then it will not cut and begin to gouge the arbor, which will end up breaking the unit. You should also pay attention to the hex drive screw which is responsible for the proper attachment of the blade. So, make sure to tighten the hex drive screw. Always, try to use cutting surface of the blade as much as possible, because just pushing the blade into material will only wear that part of the blade faster.

Operating speed:

You should not use the multi tool continuously for a long time, because continuous usage may turn the tool hot and the blades can even lose an attachment. To avoid such problems, you must maintain the speed at an average level.

Use modern blades to enhance your productivity:

Try to get modern blades such as universal replacement blades that can fit over 30 different models. These blades can reduce your burden considerably and can boost your productivity by minimizing working time and improving your output ratio. However, modern blades such as Milwaukee blades for m12 are expensive, so choose blades according to your expectations and budget.

All these tips might help you to maximize your oscillating tool blades life span and enhance your productivity.

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Handling oscillating tool blades properly will increase there life span and enhance your productivity. The author has immense knowledge in the multi tool blades arena and has written several articles regarding Fein blades and Milwaukee blades in the past.