Ephesus became the most important port of Asia Minor and an obligatory trade pass before, during and after the Roman Empire. Located in the district of Izmir and very close to the cities of Selcuk and Kusadasi in present-day Turkey, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus are probably one of those places with more history and symbolism for various peoples and religions. Check out Ephesus private tours for your upcoming vacations.

History of Ephesus

According to the chroniclers of the time it was described as a city very developed not only for the architecture, the advanced technology for the time, but for the advance in the knowledge of diverse subjects like the medicine, the philosophy and other sciences of the knowledge.

Obligatory crossing point of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra whom they adored; pilgrimage space of the Apostle Saint Paul, who stayed for more than two years on his second visit and was one of the most representative Christian communities of the time. Maritime shopping center and place where the remains of the Library of Celso rest . And of course there is the passage through its streets of the famous Alexander the Great .

But what made it an important place in world history, is because there was the Temple of Artemis that was built in honor of their Goddess and was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Our visit

We arrived by boat, a cruise that left us at the port of Kusadasi and from there we looked for a taxi that would take us and wait to return.

In the outlet stores of the port, a young man, good to talk, approached us from his store and convinced us from the beginning with some words in Spanish and showing us the photos of his children and that of other members of his family, giving us advice and other recommendations, our reflexive defense went down and we ended up closing a deal for 50.00 € which consisted of taking us to the ruins, waiting for us and returning us to the port.

Considering that the cruise offered the same service at double the price, we felt that we had made a good business. Once the deal was closed he indicated that it would be his father who was at the taxi station who would take us. We did not have to pay anything until the end so it gave confidence.

We walked about three blocks to the taxi station and the father, which was already located because his son showed us his picture and gave us the signs, he was waiting for us. He greeted us, introduced himself, showed us his respective photos as well and we realized that he did not know anything about Spanish, a little English and the rest Turkish.

The adventure begins

We started the journey through a half desert route between the hills and mountains that would take us to the famous place. During the journey we tried to establish communication and although we let ourselves be understood, I think it was not enough.

We arrived after about 30 minutes of travel to the entrance area, he showed it to us and then he continued driving, we did not understand anything and we began to ask him where he was going, until after about 10 minutes of climbing he stopped in front of another entrance. Here I leave them and in the other that we saw before I pick them up in two hours, understood.


We bought the tickets, each, for 40.00 TL (Turkish liras) which is equivalent to about 21.00 € for both of us and we hired the services of a private guide that cost us 20.00 € more.

Now ready to discover the city, we start the route. I will not go into many details so as not to take away the excitement of your visit, but I can tell you that we discovered thanks to our guide an impressive place.

What you can find: The town hall ( Pritaneo ), space occupied by the senate still in excavations; the Agora of commerce, place of business and diverse exhibitions; the Temples of Hadrian, Trajan and Domitian; the way of the Curetos ( Priests ), responsible for eternally feeding the fire of Pritaneo; the Odeon or mini amphitheater; the old theater among other places.

What other things can be discovered

One of the statues best preserved is that of the Goddess Nike or Nice (Goddess of Victory) daughter of Zeus and Termis. According to legend, he lived among mortals and was happy, but as the crime and human evil appeared, he decided to return to Olympus and remain in the Zodiac under the sign of Libra.

Two important points of visit are undoubtedly the Temple of Artemis , good is a saying, because in reality what is left is the space he occupied and a single column, the rest we must imagine. The other undoubtedly is the B iblioteca de Celso , which remains impressive despite the centuries.

Our guide pauses, lets us ask questions and responds with joy and enthusiasm, knows that we are Peruvians and treats us as equals, feels proud to have one of the wonders of the ancient world as we have one of the modern.

We have almost finished and we see the old entrance passage of those who arrived through the old port, there is no more to imagine how majestic the place must have been and at the end, the great amphitheater, huge, imposing, where even moments must have been witnessed unforgettable of history.

Our guide leads us to the door, thanks the company and asks us for a souvenir photo, we have had an exemplary visit, lots of information, some jokes and nice memories.


Our taxi driver with the smile from ear to ear awaits us at the side of his car, we begin the return to the Turkish style (business). Very quickly I can see that the route is not the same as the one coming, the image of a Turk kidnapping us to ask for ransom or take us to the desert to convert us to Islamism assault my head, we will lose the cruise and they will not realize that we are missing until they depart , they will abandon us to our fate ...

Well I exaggerate, it would probably be a simple assault, but no, our taxi driver proposes to visit a leather shop, without surcharge, it is another route but we will arrive on time, the best Turkish leather at our hands and at a special price.

Between fearful and without major opportunities because now speaks less English than at the beginning, we reluctantly accept, we went down to the store that we have to admit was very well stocked with high quality and variety garments, but whose prices varied between € 500 to € 5000 per Garment, we wondered if we had been confused with other tourists.

More surprises

We left with the same and once in the taxi a new proposal, visiting a craft shop, already on the road and thinking it would be less desperate, we went down and visited a place that I must recognize had very beautiful pieces worked by hand. We see the process of making a piece and with them to the store, the owner knows some Spanish and we talked a little, we did not buy anything but it was fun.

Once in the taxi we indicate that we want to go directly to the port. Understand that you will not take commission with us and accept. We arrived at the taxi terminal and canceled the service, happy thank you and wish us a good trip.

We walk back to the port and on the way a taxi driver offers to take us to É feso , he asks us for € 30.00, we look at each other and smile, we know that we were scammed and we keep walking, things that are learned.


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