Don't buy a cheap pen

We will discuss what constitutes a good pen, but we plan to spend at least $ 40 on a pen that is made of the right material, has a non-slip grip, a steel tip edge, and a suitable accessory. You don't want to realize you bought the wrong pen when trying to shove the commercial end of your gun into an assailant's pressure points.

He always attacks soft targets

Eyes, ears, throat, armpit, lower arm, neck, genitals, or any soft tissue that is nearby. Some feathers can damage bones. His best attack is to poke, twist, pierce, cut, and stab the nearest soft tissue and watch the assailant rethink his life decisions.

Proactive situation

If you see the attacker coming and plan to catch him before he catches you, be proactive. Use an ice pick grip on your rear, power hand, and hide your weapon from your attacker. It will not be registered immediately

Reactive situation

If an attacker catches you off guard, get your pen out of your access point as quickly as possible and start digging. Those soft targets will cause serious damage.

Be aware of your surroundings

So, you have defended yourself well with your pen. Great! Make sure you don't have friends who want to get in on the action, and you don't get so focused on the attacker in question that you miss out on another you might have otherwise noticed. Being mugged by an armed assailant can be a terrifying experience even for trained fighters. Don't lose your cool and forget that there may be more than one attacker. As soon as you have resolved the immediate threat, get out of there as quickly as possible.

The best features of tactical pens

Despite the deceptive simplicity and rugged versatility of a tactical flashlight; There are varying degrees of efficiency and construction of materials and some are simply better than others. You shouldn't think that a .99 cent Bic pen will be as efficient as an aluminum alloy tactical flashlight, so let's take a look at some of the features of a high-quality tactical flashlight.


While there are varieties of plastic, it's best to invest in aircraft-grade aluminum or tensile-resistant titanium. Both metals are intensely hard under pressure and can perform their functions as a pen, flashlight and will not break when used as a self-defense weapon.

Never accept a cheap substitute for high-quality titanium or aluminum. If your life depends on it, you don't want a cheaper model based on softer, more brittle plastics that break down in the worst case.


The grip is often overlooked. That is something very dangerous that should not be considered when any conflict or dangerous situation can arise in adverse weather conditions. The assailant may not care if it is raining and the gun is difficult to hold

The grip must be of a knurled, non-abrasive quality or it will be difficult to hold, especially under pressure. Quality pens will not only look good, but in terms of functionality, their tips will be durable enough and, most importantly, they will fit in your hand effortlessly.

Considering that the function of the pen is to collide with resistant objects, from bone to glass, the grip must remain firm in your hand at the moment of impact without the risk of losing power or slipping.

When choosing tactical pens, be sure to check all the boxes for functionality. Make sure, along with the function, your tactical pens does not look like a weapon. After all, if you can't carry it with you, you won't be better off than carrying a cheap plastic Bic pen that will break like a toothpick at the first sign of trouble.

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