There are many tips for effective parent/teacher communication. Communication is an essential element when it comes to the overall success that your child experiences in their educational development. It is important to understand that, as a parent, you are truly the first teacher that your child ever has. By the time that your child starts school, you know and understand many of the strengths and weaknesses that your child has, and also have a good grasp on their developing skills and abilities. As your child progresses through school, you will continue to be your child?s main teacher, so it is important that you know how to collaborate with the other teachers that they have while in school. Here, I will provide some tips for effective parent/teacher communication.

As a parent, it is always important to ensure that you meet with the teacher that your child will have at the beginning of the school year. You should take the time to discuss your observations in regards to the strengths and weaknesses that your child has. It is also important to share any goals that you have for your child for the school year. You should never be intimidated to talk openly with your child?s teacher. Many parents simply take the passive role in their child?s education because of the fact that they believe the teacher is the final voice in that education. This is an incorrect perception. As a parent, you are the dominant figure in their education, and the teacher works to deliver the lessons that you reinforce. This is why it is important to talk openly with your teacher.

When talking with your child?s teacher, it is important to ensure that you let them know that you would appreciate regular communication on the progress of your child. All too often, teachers will send home progress reports and report cards, but will not send home any other type of correspondence. Then, in other cases, teachers will send out general information about things that are going on in the classroom to all parents. Many parents like to receive personalized notes that are specifically regarding their child. You should encourage your child?s teacher to do this on a regular basis. In the same respect, you should send notes to your child?s teacher about the progression and/or lack of progression that you see in your child.

In addition to note exchanges through the student, you can also communicate with the teacher in other ways. Emails and phone calls are also an effective way to communicate. In some instances, email may be a decent way to talk as it allows parents and teachers to communicate when it is most convenient for them. Phone call meetings are also relatively convenient as they can be made around work schedules and school schedules. If you have a difficult time taking off of work, or finding time to go in and meet with your child?s teacher face to face, it may be best to consider the possibility of communicating by way of electronic mail and/or telephone.

Naturally, the next way to communicate with your child?s teacher is by way of a face to face parent/teacher conference. This conference can usually be set up for sometime before school starts, or right after the school day is over. This is often the preferred choice when it comes to communication because the teacher can show you some of your child?s work, comment on their grades, and more. If you elect to communicate through this method, it is important to ensure that you remain as positive as possible. You should remember that your child?s teacher is there to help your child advance in their educational skills. The news that is relayed may not always seem positive, but by collaborating, you can make it positive!

There are many different ways to communicate when it comes to parents and teachers. If you follow these tips for effective parent/teacher communication, you are sure to find that you are successful in creating an educational environment that will help your child achieve success in both the home, as well as the classroom!

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