It is important to create a sacred space in your home so that you can retreat from the outside world and connect with your inner resources – your soul-self. Setting up this special space in your home will give you refuge and a sanctuary to recover from the stress and tension of your daily life. Creating your space is easy and fun. Decide whether you will use an entire room or a small corner of a room. You then need to gather special and meaningful items that will help you focus your mind. You might include inspirational photos, candles, small statues of spiritual figures, and any other personal items that are important to you. Arrange these items on a table or shelf in a way that feels right to you.

The most important part of a sacred space is your intention to use the space to help you journey inward. Using this space regularly to meditate, reflect, and quiet your mind will help to condition the space. Over time, your sacred space will hold the energy and intention, making it easier for you to connect with your essential spirit and hear your inner wisdom.

You can also create a sacred space in your mind's eye. This internal sacred space is a great place to retreat when you are traveling or away from home. Create this space in your mind's eye as vividly as you can. Use all of your senses and imagine it as if you were really there. Again your intention is the key here. The more you visit your internal sacred space the easier it will be to feel the calm and peaceful energy.

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