In this day and age air travel is becoming incredibly common. We could be traveling to another city for a business meeting or escaping for a well-deserved vacation, air travel is here to stay. Many people these days are fearful of flying or must endure an intense phobia and anxiety about air travel, much like others experience as panic attacks while driving or sleeping panic attacks.

It is important to realize that a fear of flying (also called aerophobia) may not simply have it's root in the actual fear of flying itself, but it could be many other things. While some people might be afraid of the extreme altitude and what it would be like to fall from such a height, others might find that the claustrophobic environment is what sends them over the edge Others might have control issues trusting the pilot to fly the plane safely, while news reports of a recent plane crash could strike fear in others. There is surely no shortage of reasons why someone might be afraid to fly.

Are there things you can do to make your next flight more enjoyable?

First, try to get a good grasp of exactly what part of flying scares you the most. Do you know what caused this phobia to develop? Maybe it's something traumatizing that happened in your childhood? It helps to know as much about your fear as possible so that you can be better equipped to handling it and moving past it and overcome the anxiety you face when you fly.

Sometimes you will find that the more you know about aviation, the more your mind will be at ease. Not knowing how airplanes work and why they can even fly in the first place can cause panic to some, so learning about them can be helpful. See if you can get your hands on a book or other media that will break down the physics of it in an easy to understand fashion.

Find support. Do you think your friends or family will be understanding? Maybe they can be a good resource of support. Consider looking up internet message boards where you can meet other people and share experiences and stories as well as learn new techniques to deal with anxiety and stress better. If you have some money, you may wish to consider a professional psychologist or therapist in your area.

Remember that you're not alone. Others out there suffer from a fear of flying. A lot of them have mastered the problem and now enjoy fear-free flying. Air travel should be exhilarating, taking you to far off destinations and exotic places. And it will be after you put your fear of flying behind you!

Author's Bio: 

Andrew Hunter used to suffer from panic and anxiety disorders. After mastering his emotions and retaking control of his life, he now enjoys helping others overcome their fears and move past personal barriers to success.