Every day, thousands of domain names are registered. It can be challenging to get a website name that is just single phrased. This is due to high demand for them by many companies and small businesses that are going online every day.

Even although the good dot-com names are already snatched, there is a way you can go about getting one. There are tips that are of great help to you when getting a single phrased domain name to use in your online business.

Avoid using a hyphenated domain name or one that is riddled with numbers. Do not fret, since you can get a single phrased name by back ordering those that are about to expire with an anticipation of them being deleted or even made available for fresh registration.

Three Ways of Getting Single Phrased Domain Names

You can browse websites that have got useful information about domains that have been dropped by owners. These websites have got a daily report of dropped or expired names. Some of these websites are:

1.) Deleteddomains.com: It offers you a service to search any deleted name. All you have to do is to type a keyword of the concept you want to build your website around. You can also subscribe for its daily report that will be sent on your email of the deleted names which are made available for fresh registration.

2.) Pool.com: This is another resourceful tool. This website allows one to back order domains. Through this website, you may get your desired single phrased name to use in your online business.

3.) SnapNames.com: This website provides an original back ordering service that allows you to back order a domain name for only a certain amount of money, plus registration fees for the first year when you make a purchase. It only allows the back ordering prospect for one domain name. This means that you have to act quickly when such domain names are available for back ordering.

Many online entrepreneurs are using such tools to purchase the best expired domain names. You can do it too. Note that it may take a few months before finding your ideal name, therefore you must be patient. There is no need to worry since each day brings its own set of fresh domain names that are about to expire. And, you can choose from the many domain names that are made available.

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