Nothing changes until you do. Unknown

My inner world creates my outer world. T. Harv Eker

Thinking it Through…

We all have stories that we tell over and over. They are the stories that drive our family crazy as we share them at every public get together. However annoying those stories may be to our loved ones, they are usually quite harmless. Unfortunately, many of us have stories which we tell that are devastating to our lives. For example, a friend of mine is always saying how tired she is. (By the way, she has been thoroughly checked out by multiple doctors and has a clean bill of health.) One day I decided to count how many times she mentioned her exhaustion. After I hit a dozen in a half hour I was too worn out to continue! This behavior is called “Story Fondling” by the best-selling author and Coach, Martha Beck. We tell the same story out loud or in the quiet of our minds over and over and over. “I don’t have enough money.” “I’m old.” “I’m not smart.” Sadly enough we are programming our minds with these negative beliefs and as we do, the beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So often “story fondling” keeps us sad, discouraged and preoccupied with a mournful past or a frightening future. As we run that well-worn story track , we are missing out on opportunities and joy in the present moment.

Think for a minute… Do you spend time “story fondling?” If you are not sure ask a very honest close friend or family member. Is that story serving you in a positive way? My droopy-eyed friend is served in a way by her “exhaustion story.” It gives her a ready made excuse to cop out on life and go to bed. But at what cost? She is missing out on so much and the world is missing out on benefiting from her unique gifts and strengths which she is too tired to share. Take this month to notice your stories and change them to serve you. You are the author of those stories after all so it is your right to change them!


1. What stories are you fondling?
2. Are they serving you in a positive way?
3. If not, then how can you change your stories to positively impact your life?
4. What stories do you need to tell yourself to easily create the life you desire?

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