Tired Of Your Boring Marriage: Tips For Spicing Up A Boring Marriage

Remember the way you felt when you first met your spouse? Things were probably very exciting and you felt wonderful with your head in the clouds and him or her on your mind! This how things usually go and then after a while, things mellow out and calm down. Of course, you still love your spouse but things aren't as exciting as when you first met and in fact, things can become pretty boring. With the routines and chores of daily life, there is little room for excitement and romance, but this article discusses 10 important tips for spicing up a boring marriage.

1. Take Time for Your Spouse -One of the most important ways to spice up your marriage is make sure you have enough time to spend with him or her. If they never see you, how can they become excited and happy about your marriage? Make a commitment to spend an hour a day with your spouse.

2. Work to Impress Him or Her - If you think back to when you first met your spouse, you will probably remember working hard to impress him or her. You may have opened the door for your spouse, cooked him or her something delicious or something else to let them know you cared. Do something every week to impress your spouse.

3. Surprise Your Spouse - One of the greatest powers you can use to fight off boredom in your marriage is surprising your spouse. For instance, send your spouse a gift at work. If you're a man, get your wife some flowers and send them to work where everyone can see her get them. Women love being the center of attention every once in a while. If you're a woman, send your husband tickets to his favorite game or a gift certificate for a couple of drinks after work.

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4. Don't Forget to Be Naughty Once in a While - One important part of keeping your marriage spicy and fun is your sex life. It's easy to fall into a boring routine when you deal with all of life's necessary things each day. Be different. Text him or her at work with exciting and fun messages and get him or her to look forward to coming home! Be creative and have fun with this one. You will see the difference in no time!

5. Consider Your Appearance - Although it can sound shallow, anyone is proud to have a fox for a husband or wife. Spend some extra time on your appearance so that you look your best when the two of you go out. If you get a few looks, it will only remind your spouse what a sexy husband or wife they have!

6. Take a Weekend Away - Every once in a while, schedule some time for you and your spouse to get away from it all. The pressures of work and daily life can get in the way of an exciting marriage. Move them.

7. Show Your Respect - While you should not be subservient or giving in all ways, respect can go a long way toward making your marriage better. Insults or demeaning comments will only work to destroy your marriage. Think about the things you say before you say them.

8. Be a Romantic Fool - This is a great tip for husbands but wives can do a great job as well. Once in a while, do something utterly romantic for your spouse. Sing to her in public, dance in the aisle of the grocery store or carry her into the bedroom. Think about the things he or she likes and make it happen!

9. Learn New Things - When it comes to the bedroom activity, often times spouses take what they can get between work, the kids, the house and the family. Learn something new so you can impress your spouse the next time you get a few minutes! Never underestimate what you can do in the 5 minutes you get before the kids wake up in the morning!

10. Remember to Say, "I Love You." - This is important! You assume your spouse knows this, but saying it serves to reassure them and keep things going great. Tell your spouse at least once a day that you love them. Be honest with it and sincere so that there is something behind the words!

Using these 10 tips, you will take your marriage from boring to wonderful in no time at all!

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Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year is a long time to spend with someone - til death do us part you committed (thus at times making the death angle tempting...).

Even if you madly love your better half, there are times you both will need a break from one another. Couples who allow each other some time to themselves actually help make their marriage better. So some will have to fight the insecurity urge to go this route.

Honey, Are You Home?

After a long day at work, most people need at least a little time to unwind. It can be an hour or just five minutes, time to read the paper or time to sift through the mail - but those stolen moments can help let go of the workday emotionally. Spouses who routinely have this break are better prepared to face the adventures of home life.

This can be hard, especially if one spouse has a job outside the home and the other stays home with children. Usually by the time the employed spouse crosses the threshold, his/her partner is desperate for a break. (Be honest. It is easy to forget that even though the spouse at home may not be earning income, this person has no doubt been far busier than imaginable.)

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Spouses who are able to work out a compromise can have each person's needs met. For example, permit one spouse to have a reasonable amount of time alone at the work day's end. Then make sure that the other gets the same opportunity. Alternate who goes first each day or week if that helps. Time commitments may not allot for a large chunk of time each day, but every little bit helps.

Argh! Go Away

No matter how much you love your spouse, when you are angry it can be hard to be in the same room with them. Ok, you get that. But conflicts have a better chance of reaching a happy resolution if both parties can/will discuss the problem calmly. Giving your beloved space during or after an argument can help you both calm down.

Of course, it is important to address the real issue at some point - ignoring it allows the problem to fester and grow rather than go away. Try to find a time that works best for both of you to talk and gently hammer through the issues.

You Go Ahead

It is a rare couple that enjoys all the same activities. Typically, there will be activities that one spouse enjoys while the other has his/her sights elsewhere. As long as finances and time allow, sometimes it is simply best to allow your spouse to go off alone. That creates an environment where your mate can enjoy a little time to the fullest and let you have the same.

Most couples enjoy spending time together. Even the closest spouses, however, need some time apart. Couples who are willing to give each other the "gift" of space can actually make the marriage more vibrant.

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The answer to this question will vary depending on who is answering it. A professional marriage counselor may suggest that counseling is needed and necessary for any strain in a relationship that has gone unresolved. Others may say that minor relationship riffs can be handled between the couple themselves. If they cannot reach a resolution to the problem and it is causing a strain in the relationship then marriage counseling is needed.

Minor to moderate relationship problems can usually be solved between two people involved in a relationship, married or not. How well you communicate to your partner will, in part, dictate the success of resolving the problem. If needed couples can always solicit the advice and assistance of family, friends or their priest or minister.

If you have tried to work out your problems without professional help and are not succeeding in reaching a resolution then you may want to consider seeking professional help. Marriage counseling is likely needed when you are not able to reach an agreement concerning whatever relationship problems you are having. Especially when these problems are affecting the relationship in a negative way.

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Here are several indications that you may need the help of a marriage counselor:

1. Alcohol or drugs play a role in the relationship problem.

2. Physical, verbal or emotion abuse is part of the relationship.

3. One or both of you have significant mental health issues.

4. One or both of you is suffering from depression.

5. One or both of you is experiencing decreased libido for a prolonged time.

6. Extramarital affairs are part of the equation.

7. Tension between the two of you is growing rapidly.

It is always worthwhile to try and resolve your relationship problems yourselves. At least in this way you are both making an effort to save the relationship. As stated above if you find that you are unable to resolve your issues on your own then marriage counseling is likely needed.

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There is no relationship that is so far gone that it cannot be given a second chance. A second chance relationship is possible no matter who you are or what your story may be. Provided that you are willing to work for that opportunity anyone can win a second chance. If you are here and you have just had a divorce or a bad break up then I do not need to tell you that you need a second chance for your relationship. My heart goes out to you and my only wish is that this finds you and that it makes a difference in your life. Use what you can and throw the rest away but it can only help you through this tough time in your life. I might make some sense out of your feelings and actions through my personal experience and knowledge.

Are you hurting so bad that its hard to breath? Do the tears run down your face with a simple thought of the past? When you close your eyes at night do all your thoughts gravitate to painful flashes lost love? Have you done all that you know how to do but its just not good enough? Are all your efforts met with discouragement and failure? Dose what you want to say to your love interest always seem to come out the wrong way? A second chance for your relationship seems so far away from where you are right now. Let me put your mind at ease and tell you that a second chance is vary close and not gone!

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Well this is not a mystery why you are going through this, its called human nature! This is a vary normal condition and though unpleasant as it may be you are just acting out the only way you know how. If you know "what to do" and "what to say" then it will be what you do with your second chance that makes it worthwhile and meaningful. The first thing you need to do is remove your self from your love interest abruptly without good bye "no contact or communication" this will make you a bit of a mystery to them and meanwhile you need to work on self improvement and start meeting people. Smile a lot and then smile some more. This will not be easy but just remember the end result is a second chance for your relationship.

This will do many things you will not see right away but rest assured it is working for you. Your heartache and pain may cloud your judgments and prevent your second chance in your relationship. Pride and betrayal will also cloud your emotions with unhealthy thoughts and actions, preventing your opportunity for a second chance. Human nature makes us want what we can not have so wile you are doing this your love interest is starting to remember all the reasons they fell in love with you to begin with. Then they will even start to miss you and this will prompt them to action. Let them make the first move play a little hard to get but not to much. Just like that!!! A second chance for your relationship. All you had to do was work on you!!

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