S.A.M.I. Learning Centers offer specialized programs in stress management, assertive communication, conflict resolution, and emotional literacy. They welcome individuals from the community as well as employees referred by their organization. S.A.M.I. Learning Centers is also a provider of court-ordered anger management programs.

Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC programs provide education for people who are interested in or who need to learn how to deal with their stress and anger or someone else's stress and anger in a positive, functional way. Participants may include people who internalize stress or anger as well as those who act it out verbally or behaviorally towards friends, family, work or personal relationships.

The SAMI program and its unique approach implement the S.A.M.I. Method for self-referred participants and the Anderson & Anderson model used by Sony Pictures in the motion picture Anger Management, starring Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler and Marisa Tomei, for court ordered participants.

"The economy is creating additional stress at what is already a difficult time of year," says Anutza Bellissimo, S.A.M.I. President and CEO, "We here at the S.A.M.I. Leaning Centers really want to make it easier and more affordable for people to get the help they need."

Interested students can register for any 12-week learning program for only $99 a month (50% off the regular price), by emailing info@thesamigroup.com or calling 1-800-520-8867. This offer is valid until December 23, 2009.

Author's Bio: 

Anutza Bellissimo, B. Msc, CAMF, LFSRI, is the President and CEO of S.A.M.I. Learning Centers (The Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC). She is a lead educator, consultant and executive coach to large organizations and high-profile individuals in conflict resolution, stress management and anger management. She has over a decade working with leaders, executives and decision makers to gain clarity while working through difficult transition points in their careers, and her clients include executives from Honeywell, Grubb & Ellis, Northrop Grumman, VH1, Office Depot, E! Network, L 3 Communications, and many others.