We are all thoroughly aware that the magical time of year is approaching when everywhere around us we are inundated with holiday lights, rich smells, sparkly wrappings and the sights and sounds that this special time of year is drawing near. We deck the halls, sing and dance, sugar coat the cookies and reach into our wallets until we can reach no more.

Let’s talk about a holiday budget. No, I didn’t mean “budge it” as in move over there honey, I meant as in preparing your finances in order to plan proficiently, organize with festive abilities and feel wonderful about your ability to stay within your means. There are numerous ways to accomplish the task of preparing your purse strings for a beneficial experience when it comes to shopping, dining, donating and setting the stage for an enjoyable, sensible magical time of the year.

~List preparation: know what you want and need before you step foot outside your humble abode. Those Lovely Ladies that ponder their purchases prior to the onset of a shopping trip are much more apt to shop within their budget.
~Sale Awareness: being knowledgeable about what stores are offering specials and taking advantage of their price breaks equates to you clasping a good deal and saving money.
~Bring Cash: leave the credit cards at home unless they are absolutely necessary. Cold cash is handled more efficiently than a plastic card and sets you up for a sensible shopping trip.
~Donations: Why not consider donating a monetary sum in lieu of gift giving, especially when it pertains to a certain friend or relative that is quite fortunate and truly needs nothing.
~Surf the Web: Perhaps comparison shopping before your travels around town would behoove your wallet, decrease stress and save time when shopping for a particular item.
~Create Traditions: when all is said and done and 2010 is knocking on your doorstep, it will be the special events and rituals that are remembered year after year not the material items. Consider beginning a new family tradition to pass down for a lifetime.
~Discount Stores: be sure to hover around the reduced price shopping establishments. Many times they have the same wares at a reduction of the big name stores.

Taking time ahead of the occasion allows you to set yourself up for a calmer, more pleasurable time of year. You’ll spend less, create peace within your life and set the stage for a delectable debt free new year. Why not fashion your fabulous festivities and discover harmony at holiday time.

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