Tithing for Abundance:
The word Tithing means ‘tenth’. It is used as a means of attracting and creating more prosperity and abundance, and it has been used since Biblical times to tackle, or harness the Law of Attraction. Many people believe that The Law of Attraction is a relatively new phenomenon and ‘new age’ yet the Bible is full of Law of Attraction teachings.

Some people believe that it is integral to wealth creation and absolutely swear by regular practice of it. However, there have been some misinterpretations of how it is done, and that it always involves money, which is not strictly true. The reason for this is, that when Tithing was first invented, very few people actually had any money!

One tenth during these times meant ‘one whole thing’. Due to people dealing in trade offs, one whole thing could have been an animal, or a loaf, a cheese, etc. Tithing is essentially about drawing prosperity back to you through the art of giving. In todays economy where we now trade for money, a whole note or coin would be the equivalent. It is important not to feel it is a burden to tithe, it may engender a deeper sense of lack than you may have to start with, and this just defeats the object!

We can get too caught up in the actual practice of tithing and lose sight of the real purpose. Oh, and it’s OK not to tithe, if you are doing it from a place of lack then it may feel counter intuitive to do it. Tithe from a place of abundance, indeed it MUST be done from a place of abundant thinking.
More important than the amount you tithe to each thing is the ‘order’ in which you do it. Going back to Bibilical times the order was simple and still holds true today:
When money comes into your household, first give 1 towards Spiritual growth and/or Inspiration. This means anything that gives you ideas or opportunities to make your life more meaningful. Secondly, give 1 to Celebration or a gift to yourself. This could be anything that is fun and/or makes YOU feel special. Thirdly, the rest of the money goes to everything else, including bills or other people etc.
When you tithe in this specific order you let the universe know where your priorities lie. If you pay your bills and debts first, the universe will bring you more debts and bills because you have given them priority! When we give them priority we are coming from a place of scarcity which attracts more scarcity.
When you put Inspiration first you will find that you are fired up to create opportunities and see opportunities, to receive more abundance that is all around us.

So what is it that inspires you? Maybe a book, or going to see someone speak, attend a training or workshop? When you tithe into your Inspiration box or bank account you will soon have the money to then do that thing.
One of the benefits of tithing are that it takes you away from scarcity thinking. Begin tithing believing that money is abundant. That there is always more, that there is always enough, and it will flow to you. The law of Karma says that you always get more of what you give out. If you think abundantly you are more likely to experience more abundance. As you gain more money, either through one source of income or several new streams, you can then increase your financial support to your charity or other good cause, if you want to, which is often a motivating factor for many people. Remembering to keep the order of your tithing.

Giving to others leads to a wonderful sense of fulfillment that can not be measured in financial terms. Tithing in this way serves the highest good of all.  But tithing of money is only one of many ways you can give and serve.  There are many other ways you can do this. You can be giving of your time.  Donate your time as a volunteer for a few hours a week to a cause close to your heart. 
Giving of information, In the form of articles or on a blog sharing your knowledge freely with others who will benefit from it. Give your talents and skills to help someone who can’t afford to pay for them. Acknowledge others.  A Smile and a heartfelt thank you to the person who serves you in the shop, offer a kind word to someone, buy a homeless person a tea/coffee. Encouragement of others is another way.  Be supportive of people around you.  Let them know you care about their situation etc.
Give Good Intentions by thinking of and wanting the best for other people.  If you Pray or meditate then do these practices for the wellbeing of others.

Offer a touch.  Give someone a pat on the back, a handshake, or a hug.  Give a massage, when appropriate.  As you can see money is not the only way to give or tithe.  I find these other forms of giving are stonger and much more enjoyable than simply giving money. 

If you give to charity, it is preferrable to give to those that are operating “for the highest good of all.” If I support a charity, It has to be a cause that is congruent with my values.  Check out the back end and don’t go on face value, ensure the roots are good before you water them. The intention you put into your tithing/giving is much more important than the particular means of giving.  Give in a manner which makes you feel good.
The charity tithe in the Bible was only given every third year. It wasn’t needed any more than that in those days. We have a very different set of circumstances today. Tithing is a great way to achieve a balance between giving and receiving. Quite often we ‘over give’ thinking that will bring us what we desire, because ‘God, or Universe’ will see us as being ‘worthy’ or ‘good’. This thinking is the exact same thinking that is holding you back from receiving. If we have to feel worthy before we receive then we will never fully receive because our spiritual teaching, especially the Christian Tradition, has told us that we are not worthy! You ARE worthy, you are a child of the Universe, a child of God. We are all a spark of the divine and therefore, more than worthy to recieve all the abundance that is out there.

Regular practice of tithing, either with money or time, attention, thoughts, will reveal to you that giving and receiving are the same thing. Giving becomes painless and receiving becomes selfless. Begin these practices of tithing with an open heart and mind and open your arms to receive. Your life will truly be transformed.

Author's Bio: 

I am the Author of Subconscious Medicine: An Ebook on using Hypnosis and Mindfulness to eliminate chronic pain. My first therapy business, Euphoria Hypnotherapy, was set up after working in the Mental Health Profession for over 15 years, where I helped many people overcome emotional and psychological difficulties. More recently I qualified as a Psychotherapist and co-founded Reachout Therapy with Robert Fairhead. I hold an honours degree in psychology and sociology and train in other specialised aspects of hypnosis including our blocks to abundance in all areas.

Aside from my specialisms of IBS and Pain Control my training and client experience has allowed me to work successfully in several areas: Anxiety/Stress, belief systems and blocks to spiritual growth and abundance in all areas of life, including prosperity and health and wellness.