Description - A Laboratory associated with us would not remain any mere Pathological Test Lab. Each of our Lab Partners will be treated with utmost diligence and care.Benefits for Labs
For Our Silent Saviors
(or) For Our Lovely Labs
(or) For Our Phenomenal Pathologies
"You always have our back"
The importance of Pathologies in today's world is uncompromised. Without them, no doctor will be able to cure the sick, no pharmacy will ever cover the right prescription and no patient will get the medical attention they desire.
AstoCare laudes all such pathologies which have devoted themselves in service of the country and its people. The recent times have urged upon their vitality. Let us take a halt and salute what they all put in for us.
In order to do its bit, AstoCare provides a number of benefits to all its registered Diagnostic Centres. Take a look:
Regular Updates
Newsletter and medical blogs will keep you updated with the medical world. Even if your knowledge about the trends of today’s healthcare industry is getting rusty, we have your back there as well. Just check out our comprehensive blog and get updated with everything that you need to know, in just one read at a time! If that too is becoming a task for you, we will mail you your dose of the much-needed updates. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and see for yourself how you and we are trying to shape a better future for this very medical industry.

Promotional Drives
Regular marketing sessions for the promotion of Lab Tests with you, via AstoCare will be done. Spreading the word about your remarkable services via our portal, online and offline is our prime duty as your partner in healthcare. Getting you in touch with patients better is always our agenda.

Walk-In Registrations
Help unregistered patients access AstoCare as and when they walk into your Laboratory, using the Walk-In Sign-up feature. This feature enables them to have a rudimentary access to the services rendered by AstoCare to all its registered patients.You can have it done via your account, with us, and then they can complete their registration on their rudimentary account themselves, later.
Easy Accept/Reject feature using which one can accept applications as per convenience and availability. No need to rush infinite lab tests in a single day. Just schedule a normal dose of patients and keep your schedule smooth and efficient

Quick Share
Using which you can refer a patient's prescriptions to an
AstoCare Chemist/Doctor. Instead of leaving a patient confused and clueless regarding further medical treatments/procedures try sending them into the right direction after their diagnosis Just send it to the desired chemist/lab via the portal itself and that's it. Digital reports Instead of filling your Laboratory computers with ink and paper,try going online with all the reports. AstoCare helps you cut down your stationery expenses by offering you an online publishing tool for test results on its very own portal. Delete the excessive rush of people and paper from the lobby. Using
this tool, send them their reports online and declutter like a Pro

AstoCare treasures each and every one of its pathological partners. You really won't regret connecting with us. Feel the power of e-healthcare and become a part of something better. Login to AstoCare today.
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