How are you coming with those New Year’s resolutions and goals and how many promises did you make to yourself for staying on target this time? Well, don’t despair as there might be just a few suggestions here to help you along your path. While listening to a web video by Bob Proctor, best selling author, You Were Born Rich, and contributor in the bestselling book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, he quoted one small phrase that instantly snapped me to attention. I should say, snapped me to “intention.” Bob said, “If you want to accomplish your goals, stay in line.” Those simple three words, “stay in line,” really hit home. Bob went on to explain how many times in his life he had fallen short of his goals because he had gotten out of line. How many times have you switched lines at the super market, only to discover that the clerk is new and the line is moving slower than the one you just left? The same can be true of changing traffic lanes because one seems to be moving faster, until you realize there is an accident ahead and now you are stuck in that lane. Stay in line!

It is easy to become distracted with myriad choices bombarding us from all directions whether it comes from family and friends or just the crazy influx of information the minute we log in to our computer. I personally got out of line by simply trying to take in too much information. As an author I had to learn everything I could about social media, and of course I had to create a professional looking web site complete with blog. I read, listened, blogged, tweeted, connected on facebook, linkedin, ezine articles, boomer authority, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture! I drove myself crazy listening to every internet guru and online training seminar that came along. I did not want to miss a thing, and you guessed it, I got out of line. I absorbed so much information that I became paralyzed with information overload, so consequently my next book is only one third written instead of published.

However, it is not too late to get back on track and have the life you desire and deserve! It is time to get focused. Keeping our focus and refusing to be distracted is the first step toward realizing our life’s dreams. We all have dreams, and in order for them to become reality, we must first set our goals. Then, with work and determination, our dreams will become reality. Success is the result of accomplishing your predetermined personal and specific goals. Write them down and then envision what your goals look and feel like. See yourself living your dreams. Whatever you can see in your mind’s eye as to the life you want is just the beginning of what is to come, so simply start living that life now. Live as though you already possess what you want by visualizing the outcome and life will fill in the blanks when you stay in line.

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Barbara Miller, author and motivational speaker, is the founder of Barbara and Company International, Inc. Barbara is the author of, You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life, How to Create the Life You Want Your Way, a self-help book for women. She also authored, You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life, Positive Thoughts Journal, to accompany her book. The author has met dozens of divorced women who torture themselves with a life of regrets. Barbara shares her own personal journey through divorce, financial loss and despair, then provides examples to encourage the reader to let go of all inner conflict and replace it with peace and joy. Through “You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life,” Barbara teaches how to release all self-defeating inner dialog that compromises your life and keeps you paralyzed with fear. The author’s gentle and encouraging, yet straight forward approach, teaches that when healing comes to our thoughts, it comes to our life.

Barbara’s main goal is to empower women to lead their best life yet by overcoming negative thoughts and habits carried over from childhood. Barbara believes that we have the power within to live life as a winner and not as a victim. Barbara embraces laughter as one of life’s key ingredients to help us through some of our greatest challenges and struggles. She teaches that we all deserve healthy loving relationships and to live our life in happiness and joy. This, she says, is attainable and can be accomplished by creating balance in our lives mentally, physically, social-emotionally and spiritually.

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