Lately I have been reading and hearing a great deal on the power of decision and the power of indecision. Some people would argue that indecision carries no power with it. Actually, indecision carries a lot of power. The power to immobilize. The power to diminish confidence. The power enhance the "what if" fear so many subscribe to. The power of letting our life pass before our very eyes. Indecision can be something as simple as turning to the person next to you in a restaurant to find out what they are ordering before you make your choice. After all, you don't want to order the wrong thing regardless of whether or not what you REALLY want is something different than what the person you asked told you they are having. The restaurant example comes from a book written by Raymond Charles Barker called, The Power of Decisions. Throughout the book the author gives ample evidence that one's inability to make a decision and take responsibility for their decisions is due to not trusting source. It is also the root of a life of mediocrity. We are faced with decisions every day. What to wear? What to eat? Who to call? Who to se? What route to take to a destination. Often we have time to think about our decisions, other times not. We may be called to make a decision in a split second that can forever change our lives. If we have not developed the our ability to make decisions when needed, in the time needed, we can miss many opportunities. One way to develop your ability to make the most appropriate decision for you is to take quiet time to contemplate what you would like your life to be like. What kind of relationships you want? What level of health you want? What quality of job or business do you want? What quality of life do you seek? When you take time to reflect on what you truly desire when it comes time to make critical decisions you will be able to make your choices with ease and not regret the choices you made.

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