Most people say face your fears head on. That way you will over come them. That is fine, but you’ll never know where the fear came from.

When you have a fear you have to dissect where it came from in order for it not to re-appear. Something happened somewhere along the lines for you to feel this way. You have to go back and re-claim it. You have to go back to that hard word at the spelling bee, back to the time standing on the diving board, or the time you were driving over that very high bridge. Start with, how old was I when I started to fear doing this? Or, Where was I at that this fear first started to appear?
When we are babies, we are born without fear. It is over the years that fear is developed. Fear is something that creeps into our lives. All fears can be overcome, with love, kindness, patience and understanding.

If you can’t track it back to an instance in your life, then your mind simply put the fear there for you. And once the fear is in your mind, it gets fed every chance it can. So, if you are afraid of something, like heights, or flying, or something along those lines, then don’t let your mind get carried away with the fear. Let go of your fear, and when you do you will clearly see how powerful the mind works, both in a good way and a bad way. To overcome your fears will take inner strength and courage.

Just remember, you control your fears. Don’t let your fears control you. And, if you cannot manage your fears, please seek professional help. They are there to help you.

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