It is 2010, and the battles are drawing ever finer. A few years ago HDTV was the main option and home cinema a luxury, however, 2010 proves to show many more options for maximum entertainment! Join me, as we take a look. The first step to remember is that price wise, home cinema, and HDTV is not that much different. A portable projector is a similar price to HDTV.

This does not apply to permanent fixtures, because these still can work out very expensive. With these options of price though, you are in a good position to get one or the other, or even cinema. The first thing to remember, is convenience. There is a need for convenience, and home cinema seems fun, but it is not as convenient, as HDTV.

A home cinema only works in the dark. That means, like a cinema, you need to keep the room in the dark. This makes it awkward compared with being able to put a television on. A home cinema can be portable, so it can be moved much more easily than a HDTV. This means for business use, it can be great. You get the projector and take it to a client! So, you could earn more in your business or job, showing client presentations, then taking it home for the evening, as many executives have been known to do!

The other point with cinema in the home, is that you actually need to have a projector screen, to be able to get maximum benefit. Looking at both these options, it is essential to consider and weigh, which is the best option for you.

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