The healthy food will help you to recover from the cold faster. If you eat right during a cold, you can speed up recovery and avoid complications.

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For adults and children. Do not eat honey, jam! The biggest mistake, and "the tales of the last century", let's think logically. This is a huge amount of sugar, nothing magical. Sugar lowers immunity. The huge quantity of yeast multiplies; the microflora weakens, the immune defense falls, the infection progresses and complications develop.

1. The first rules, when you get sick, exclude excess sugar. Eat fruits 400 grams per day. Focus on complex carbohydrates. You can add a warm drink with natural berries without sugar, only water but should not be too hot, in order to preserve vitamins.

2. Increase water by 500 ml, detox is needed to expel the byproducts of the vital activity of bacteria, viruses. Teas without sugar and honey additionally.

3. Eat meat broths – the secretory activity of the digestive tract increases, the elimination of toxins of viruses and bacteria is necessary to recover. For dinner 300-400 ml of soup.
4. Eating is a medicine. Even if there is no appetite, force yourself to eat 3-4 times a day at a minimum, at least 200-250 g portions.

5. Increase the intake of proteins! All viruses or bacteria are excreted from the body by proteins-carriers. Every cell of the immune system is a protein. In breakfast, lunch and dinner - cottage cheese / eggs / meat / fish / poultry.

Do not grudge yourself with "pies" during illness. Be "here and now", understand that to get better quickly, good nutrition will work better than drugs. Eat for health. Work with strength of mind and look for any psychosomatic issue.

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1. If you do not drink or eat for more than 10-12 hours, you will need to see a doctor and inject the liquid parenterally. Your health will improve immediately.

2. Do not force your immunity with antiviral drugs, immune-stimulants, and antibiotics. All this drains the body's own reserves. Immunological memory is not formed. Women are constantly ill. A naturally resolved virus infection is a good immune response to the future.

3. Stay Indoor for 2-3 days!
Often, complications arise not from the virus infection itself, but a bacterial infection that will affect an already weakened organism. If you go on a bus with a cold and fever, then there will be sinusitis in the evening.

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Written by;
Dr. Nataly Yakovleva
Pons Medical Research

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