To Live a New Life: Self Transformation

At the start of each new day you are a being of pure inner stillness. You can feel an appreciation by knowing that you have the right to your own freedom of choice! Particularly, you may choose to live in the Present Moment. Why carry around the past or anticipate the future that will yet, in time, be another new day? In its truest, ultimate meaning it’s as if you are given the chance to really start a new life, whether you realize this or not! So you may as well choose to realize this as fully as you can! Essentially we all wake up each day to this blank slate holding brand new potential for infinite choices, to change that which may no longer be working anymore. We have an inborn ability to set our intention to create the constructive changes we seek. It is then up to us to step by step brainstorm strategies on how we wish to begin.

As you commit to your New Life, you take the initiative by raising your awareness level a notch. You can relax and ask yourself, what might this idea mean for me? Take a moment or so to reflect on this by sitting with your thoughts, feelings and impressions. These may spontaneously arise or they may otherwise reveal themselves in incremental stages. Whatever occurs for you is conducive to your transformation. You may want to grab a pen and journal to jot some of these down. Hindsight is a great tool. As you take witness to your inner world, you discover new dimensions that lead you toward the insight into your own self transformational process!

Just what would you do if you knew that you only had one week or one month left to live? What would you choose to focus the remainder of your precious time on? What priorities and interests would you pursue given that you knew your own expiration date was nearing? This is something we can all participate and benefit from. Perhaps it may seem challenging to conceive of this thought? Conceiving your eventual death is actually the utmost of all ironies. It is an irony in a class of its own. As Eckart Tolle states in “The Power of Now” (1999) disidentifying from your mind, or “rising above thought” (p.21) is the way towards self enlightenment. I agree with his theorem and I would also add that this is the key to creating a New Life!

To truly create this New Life means that you are willing to release your grief and resentment. Yes, this means learning how to forgive your self as well as others who may have acted in ways that you did not approve. This entails getting past those painful experiences that have lingered on for considerably too long, that have immobilized some of your life force. As you learn how to master this process, you are paving the way to make space to embrace all of your gifts! Your gifts can only come forth through a receptive, relaxed mindset and stable being. As E. Tolle states, “All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness. The mind then gives form to the creative impulse or insight.” (p.24). To Live a New Life clearly means to Live in the Present Moment.

It would be quite an understatement to say that life is full of many imperfections; wouldn’t you agree with this? So, the question then is how will you deal with those people and situations that don’t meet your own set of standards? You may wish to inquire for yourself, what do you think you can do about this? Certainly there is no one right answer! This is a question for you to ponder and figure out what resonates for you. You may also want to contemplate whether it’s possible that those undesirable situations may be mirroring issues that you are struggling with yourself? This requires a great deal of humility and the ability to take a self inventory.

By keeping the bigger picture in mind and not getting caught up in the nitty gritty daily dramas, you are more likely to increase your tolerance and take things in stride. You may need to access your wit and senses in order to find the inner strength you need. Having a good sense of humor certainly can’t hurt! In fact, research literature shows many healing qualities and health benefits from laughter. The joy of laughter can alter the situation and bring quite a new clarity on perspective. This new perspective can bring many changes that move you forward towards your aspiration to living a New Life.

Your life is yours to live as you want. It is up to you to design your New Life by starting with today! If you really want this New Life, you may have to consider taking courageous bold steps of some kind! And, of course there are other situations that may require that you abide in a trusting deep patience. Either way, you must always keep a faith in yourself.

Self Transformation is the essential principle that allows you to become proactive To Live a New Life. Discover for yourself what it is you need to do!

Author's Bio: 

Moreen is a New Jersey Licensed Social Worker who has earned her MSW and also holds a BA in Psychology. Her holistic philosophy integrates traditional and alternative modalities in all of her creative endeavors. She is a strong proponent for the totality of Mind, Body, Spirit healing.

She is a certified Life Purpose and Career Coach by The Life Purpose Institute. She enjoys coaching because she believes in principles that access intrinsic inspiration and motivational strategies. Additionally, she has been trained in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (Level II), Masters’ level Reiki Practitioner as well as other Communication modalities, such as Parenting Education.

She has worked in both clinical and non clinical settings with individuals of all ages. She is a free lance writer currently dedicating her time to this passion. She reads and writes metaphysical, transformational, self-help literature.

She has co-authored a metaphysical book for both children and adults that has been submitted for publication.

She has also written a chapter in PWN’s “The Confident Woman: Tapping Into Your Inner Power” which will be released August 2, 2013.

She may be reached at (732) 754-8681 or Linked In
She is available for free lance writing (by appointment)