For anyone backpacking across Sydney, one of the most frequently asked questions would be “where do I eat out?” Sydney, although much-famed for its vibrant culinary sphere, may confuse you with its unending rows of restaurants on every street you step into, sometimes even to the point where Google forsakes you for seeking too many food reviews. But that’s alright! Thanks to Google nevertheless, we’ll find places that offer extraordinary and ambient dining experiences. For instance, be it fine dining, budget dining, or an experience that combines the best of both, the cruises in Sydney are ready to deliver. Sydney Harbour lunch cruises, for instance, have gained huge traction among the locals for its wide range of pocket-friendly fine-dining packages.
A lunch cruise in Sydney is not just about the food, but also about sightseeing. Enjoy a wholesome and delicious buffet lunch at your reserved tables as the cruise majestically glides past the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House on the azure blue waters of Sydney. Now, for a bird’s-eye view of Sydney, climb up one of those fancy restaurants that stand several feet above the ground. Although the main drawcard at these restaurants might be the roving views, their food often comes in at a close second.
Now forget fine dining! Sydney is a melting pot of many cultures and therefore one can find pretty much all kinds of cuisines here. The many-sided influences could be one of the many reasons why the country’s food palette is so widely contoured. From authentic Indian eateries that sell flaky parathas with butter paneer to restaurants specialised in hearty Asian dishes, Sydney has it all and is indeed a foodie’s paradise. One may expect to see a tweaked-up version of various cuisines across the globe, and that’s another surprise about Sydney. Also, don’t forget to explore Sydney’s inspiring street food markets that reflect the city’s uncommon food culture. One may even start thinking that the city has no real food culture. And that’s to say, most of Sydney’s culinary trends are inspired and borrowed from the East and the West. A tip to make your stay in Sydney more memorable would be to head to one of the seafood markets in the city, pick your fish, and have it cooked for you by the sellers themselves.
Now, there are some of us who love to eat intuitively. Regardless of the waiter telling you that your 3-course meal has ended, you might feel like exploring a little more. Perhaps some starters after your dessert? Ah! The digressions that we make. If you’re that kind of a foodie, Sydney might be the place for you. You might feel riddled when you see a sushi roll that doesn’t look like one at all or a burger teamed up with noodles. But it’s always good news for foodies. And for all your sweet tooth cravings, the city has a splendid bunch of patisseries and dessert shops. Ever heard of the world-famous Strawberry Watermelon cake from Newtown? Don’t forget to tick it off your list of must-try foods in Sydney. Also, grab some of Australia’s favourite soft-crusted Pavlova before you call it a day.
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