This past weekend I had the opportunity to have a firsthand glimpse into Christianity, or at least the opinions and ideas of one Christian. I have never been a person who was religious. I didn’t go to church growing up and barely understood what Christmas was about as a small child. Of course, as time goes on there are plenty of good intended folks who will willingly share their ideas with you. As I got older I became sponge like. I was absorbing everything I could regarding religion and God. It was by my own firsthand experience that I witnessed God for myself. At the age of 34 I met God in my car. Yep, in my car! I was planning to take control of my life by ending it and as I threatened God he decided to show up and set me straight. Short of that story is I am still here and from that moment forward I decided to commit my life to the principles that ARE GOD. Unconditional love, compassion, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness ..etc.

A lovely woman with a simple existence whom I had known for years recently gave me a life lesson. Our conversations often turned to spirituality and surely I began to feel a deep connection of oneness with this woman. I walked my talk and accepted her with all my heart. One day out of nowhere she sent me an email and asked me to please respond as quickly as possible. In her email she asked me to detail my relationship with Jesus Christ. She wanted details. She wanted to know where I worshipped, how I worshipped and so on. Admittedly, at first I was a bit frustrated at the questions but after consulting with Spirit I found the truth as I know it.

My reply was to the point and simple. I believe that all paths are equal and God loves us all the same regardless of the vehicle we take to get there. The next day she came to me very convicted and said she would have to take back the offer she extended to me to come to her home and visit. When I asked why her reply was that she couldn’t open her home to someone who was NOT A BELIEVER. Knowing in my heart that was contrary to everything God is I graciously hugged her and said I would pray for a deeper understanding. And, pray I did. As usual I hear the answer when I am still. The answer was BY OPENING YOUR HEART AND COURAGEOUSLY EXTENDING TO THE UNKNOWN WILL YOU TRULY KNOW ME. I AM NOT IN YOU I AM OF YOU AND YOU OF ME. WE ARE ONE. Downloaded directly by Spirit to lil ole me!

Corinthians 6:14
New Living Translation (©2007)
Don't team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness?
To this I say HUH?
Many Blessings,

Author's Bio: 

Veronica Drake, Ronnie as clients know her, is an international life coach, speaker, spiritual teacher and an intuitive. As an Intuitive, Ronnie supports people to live their lives on Purpose by connecting them to their Divine Inspiration using Tarot and Angel cards as well as numerology.

Ronnie’s own twenty year spiritual journey prepared her to teach. She's taking all her experiences and giving it to her audiences. She openly and honestly with raw emotion shares her journey. Her focus is primarily on the development of the authentic self and creating awareness. Sharing her personal life story and bringing to light issues previously thought taboo she creates hope in her clients.

Her style is intuitive, inquisitive and informal. Ronnie loves to laugh, and finds humor to be a great tool in releasing our authentic selves. Curiosity is second nature to her and she finds it brings an ease and comfort to the Self-Development relationship.

Her credentials include
• Coach training at the International Coaching Academy
• Active Member of the International Coaching Federation,
• Certified Practitioner in the Law of Attraction,
• Certified in Mastering Life's Energies,
• Alumni of The Holistic Learning Center. She is also the author of the book Thoughts, Food, Whine & Bubble Wrap.. A woman's journey to self acceptance.