To those who are on a mission to save humanity:

Are you a spiritual seeker? Do certain aspects of reality not fit any longer? Or maybe someone or something burst the bubble of illusion surrounding you? In the age of instant information, several people are starting to uncover the layers of illusion that have surrounded them their entire life. One of the very natural reactions at this stage is to “blame the system” for “keeping you asleep”. Let’s see why this is one of the most destructive patterns in existence.

Because most of the people are in a low state of consciousness, they cannot know or realize that the true nature of reality is an illusion. This low state of consciousness provokes suffering. At some point, some of these people may have a breakthrough and decide “I don’t want to suffer any longer”. Often times, this is an early step for visitors who join us for ayahuasca retreats.

One of the most common traps that people experience in life, and especially on the spiritual path, is the persecutor-victim-savior loop—a persecutor attacks a victim who is rescued by a savior. Once a person is in this loop, they will play each of the roles in different situations and with different actors. When they meet a victim, they can play persecutor and/or savior; or, if they meet a persecutor-victim couple, they become a savior; and so on. This game is played at several levels—most commonly within families, communities, organizations, and at the grandest scale, with the whole world or universe.

To make things obvious, the best way is to use the grandest scale as an example. Most people on the path of awakening want to become healers or shamans or gurus, and save humanity from the clutches of the dark powers. They blame the system for keeping themselves and others asleep, and now they want to save the rest of the “sleepers”. In saying this, they are simultaneously playing all three roles in the drama triangle. They are retroactively being a victim of the system, they are persecuting the system, and they are attempting to save other victims of the system.

Being a savior is not only impossible, it is also obstructive to the process of the other person. Every person’s path is designed by their higher self to teach them the lessons they require, and these lessons will appear for the person when they are ready.

As an example, we will take the New-Age Guru, Student and System as the characters of the game. Originally, the System is the persecutor, the Student is the victim and the Guru is the savior. By attempting to save the Student, the Guru becomes a persecutor because they are disturbing the student’s process. So the Guru is wearing the disguise of a savior, but is acting as a persecutor. When the Student chooses to disconnect from the Guru, the Guru starts attacking the Student. The Guru starts feeling like a victim and start accusing the Student for being a part of the System. So the Guru is playing the role of savior, persecutor and victim, and the student is doing the same. The System is nothing more than a mirror of the belief system of the Guru and the Student.

As with any loop, this pattern is endless and the players will spend all their energy jumping between the roles. So how do we break out? The first step is realization! Reading this article or a million other things can be a trigger, but you have to become fully aware each time you are playing this game. Instead of feeling like a victim, take responsibility for what is happening to you, because you are the co-creator of your reality. Realize that your spirit has designed this life and the situations for you to learn. This is the only way to truly empower yourself.

The system is not evil; it serves the purpose for which it was created, which is to mirror our beliefs. People enjoy the trance of material reality, and there is nothing wrong with it. You may believe that materialism is an illusion, but each person has the right to believe what they want, even if it is not in accordance with your beliefs. So there is no need to save all the “sleepers” who believe they are enjoying materialism, for all you know they actually are!

When you realize the true nature of freedom, time doesn’t exist; consequently, everything that happens in time is absolutely fine just the way it is. There is no need to change or save anything.

This is the key realization to freedom—the only thing stopping you from being free is yourself—your thoughts and your judgments about reality. In the true nature of Irrational Logic, the most powerful portal to transform reality is to live in the now and accept reality just the way it is.

Author's Bio: 

Phil Mackie works for Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreats, who use ayahuasca retreats to help people interested in spiritual development and reconnecting with the higher self.