I have to admit something. I am always looking for new ways to use the law of attraction more effectively and it isn’t always easy, but every now and then, I put it out to the universe and something comes back to me. This week I had one of those A-ha moments when I listened to a program about intentions. More specifically, I was wondering about the difference between intentions and goals and how having intent helps you to use the law of attraction to achieve your specific goals. In short, I discovered that intent was actually one of those magic missing ingredients that, when understood and formulated, can really make things happen for you.

So What Is the Difference Between An Intention and A Goal?

Great question.

The answer goes something like this:

I’m sure every functioning adult knows what a goal is and knows how important it is to set these goals. They are the things we want to achieve like:

‘to lose five kilos before my wedding’

‘to be promoted to a management position by this time next year’

‘to run my own business by the time I’m 40′

They are specific, measurable results which we often place a lot of importance on. The problem with goals, however, is that they often remain goals and often don’t morph into reality.

Why? Because before they manifest, you actually have to be in alignment with them and believe they are going to actually happen, that they are not far away and that the universe is on your side when it comes to making them happen. In fact setting goals should be fun and should provide you with a sense of heightened anticipation as the activity of thinking about your goals releases positive emotional energy.

Does this describe the goal setting process for you?

If not, the reason could be that you have skipped a step. You have forgotten to think about your ‘intentions’. Intentions are the actual reasons you set goals for yourself. For example, lets assume you want to get married. You could set a goal about this and you may even try to use the law of attraction to make it happen but have you actually thought about why you want to get married? or what that particular outcome feels like? Or do you not associate a particular feeling to it? We normally (although this is not always the case) set a goal because we associate that goal with a particular state of positivity. People generally want to experience pleasure or feel good in their lives which is why we set the goals in the first place.

So lets stop for a minute and try to experience what those goals feel like. For example, I want to get married because I want to feel loved, secure and have the sense that I am living every day with the person who is in complete alignment with me and who has my back no matter what happens and marriage is the best way to access this feeling.

Can you feel the difference? Does it open up some kind of positive emotional energy in you? Great, you’re on track.

So How Does Intent Help Me to Use the Law of Attraction ?


Intention puts you in alignment with the Universe and it guides you to a state of allowing. These things are essential if you want to use the law of attraction deliberately.

You see, thought energy is not enough. Did you know that feeling energy is 1000 times more powerful than thought energy. This explains why people who are passionate about their goals such as pro-athletes, achieve much bigger things than the rest of us. When you add intention to the mix you super charge your energy by offering a vibration that is a match for the universe. The universe responds to the feeling energy of loving and being loved far more than it responds to the idea that marriage is good for a person’s future and society as a whole and will respond to this person’s request much more quickly. I’ll add a point here and that is that intentions and goals that are in alignment with universal energy are the only ones worth having. So if you’re trying to use the law of attraction to manifest an intention or goal related to love, vibrant health, freedom or prosperity, then you’re on the right track. Intentions not in alignment with these universal principles may manifest but you may end up feeling not so good about them when they do arrive (be careful what you wish for).

So before you use the law of attraction to manifest anything, try to follow these steps:

1. Put yourself in a feeling place where you can get in touch with universal principles of love, vibrant health, prosperity, joy, happiness, inner calm and confidence. Meditate on these things if you need to.

2. As you get in touch with these feelings, think of a situation that could allow you access that thing. For example freedom and prosperity could be associated with owning your own business. Don’t worry if it doesn’t resemble your current situation. We are more concerned with feelings than reality at this stage.

3. Now that you know of a situation that feels right, start trying to turn it into a goal. This will put it into reality for you. Make it specific, measurable and put a time limit on it.

4: Do something that will help you reach that goal every single day, no matter how small.

5. Visualise yourself achieving that goal every day.

These steps are the real ones that will help you to use the law of attraction to manifest your desired outcomes.

On that note, have a great day.

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