Yes, yes, and YES!

You may not have ever heard that phrase, but back when I started in selling, in the 1960s, that was pretty common. We had sales training meetings and we'd all get up and jump around and bounce off the walls.

A lot of fun, really.

It always worked… Entering enthusiastically into this enthusiastic behavior created the state known as enthusiasm. “To be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.”

Sure, sales people are required every single moment of every single day to be on their leading edge, to be sharp, to be at the top of their game. That is something that distinguishes them from the masses of others…

And, because they’ve faced the need to perform even when they didn’t feel up to it, they've discovered that it's a decision to be enthusiastic, to act enthusiastic.

They’ve discovered that just as a feeling creates physiology – whether that feeling be of depression or of robustness will be visible in the body, posture, and carriage of the person….

Look, it works the other way, too… So, too, does the body, posture, and carriage – the physiology – affect the psychological state. That’s the good news. You’ve heard the advice…

“Act as if”

“Do the thing, and you'll have the power.”

It’s a matter of #1, knowing this truth, which most people do not, and, more importantly, acting on that reality to create the feelings, state, and results you want. You know how to create resourceful states.

Ultimately, it's a decision. It's a mental, inside thing that you, as an achiever, know about and have adopted and like getting as a reminder frequently, which what we’re doing at this particular moment.

See, the rest of the world can afford to think that it's dismal. The rest of the world can afford to think that things will never turn around. The rest of the world can live in fear with their only one source of income currently at threat or already eliminated…

Due Note: The rest of the world doesn't know they're creating their own reality by their own thoughts, which emits vibrations, which leads into their own actions, which simultaneously trigger the Law of Attraction and affects friendships and relationships with others, including, supremely importantly, the relationship, connection, and outlook with yourself!

You do.

And, of course, every individual gets their due results from what they do or do not do...

You know that. That's the whole purpose of this The NEW Think and Grow Rich philosophy. You decide, you enter in, you know that you need to change. You enter in deeply, and you make decisions about what you want to manifest in your life, then you go about doing it.

You know you create your own reality by the thoughts you hold in your heart; you know how to create resourceful states.

You make decisions about how to do it, you make plans, and you go into action. And one of them is certainly pushing the envelope. One of them is certainly you taking charge, instead of letting circumstances take charge of you.

See, the rest of the people in the world have the dubious luxury of thinking that others are responsible for their feelings, their behavior, their moods. Those others could even be inanimate things like the weather. You catch my drift?

"Ohhh, it's a horrible day, it's raining." No, it's not, it's a spectacular day! And it's raining. That even adds more adventure, as does the sun, as does the wind, as does the snow! To be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic. It's your choice. It's the example of the Inner Eagle, E = mc2.

Creating circumstances. Not the other way around, with circumstances being the cause for more circumstances, circumstances being misinterpreted as bad.

No, you're a very fortunate person to know the secret. This "to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic" wisdom comes from Combined Insurance Companies' W. Clement Stone—personal friend, business partner, and giant supporter of Napoleon Hill in the Think and Grow Rich philosophy.

It's proven. I would suggest that you adopt it, too.

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