As a master coach on the Tao Te Ching I have been asked many times to explain in simple language the Tao Te Ching Eastern teachings of "Letting Go"

Letting go is the one of the key mysteries to manuvering our way through life.
It is however one of the hardest for our those of us raised in the western world to understand and accept

This resistance is because it is counterintuitive to everything modern society tells us. We are taught that striving, forcing, winning and struggling to reach our goal is necessary to achieve anything worthwhile. These thoughts are hammered into our consciousness from birth, and reinforced daily by society. Once thoughts get ingrained most people never challenge them.

Letting go or as Dr Wayne Dyer and others say "Letting God" is the key to allowing what we want, intend, pray, wish for, or desire for; or whatever you call it to manifest from no-thing to something.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever forgotton a name and tried, and tried to remember it but could not remember it. What did you finally do. You let go of the desire. It was not untill you "let go" of the trying did it come to you. That is the principle of letting go.

When we want something we must first desire it, second believe it will occur, third have faith in the spiritual law that it will occur, and then fourth we then must do the most difficult and counter intuitive thing!. We must let it go and allow the universe to do it's thing. If you do not let it go, and send it out to the universe, how can the universe create it and send it back?

When you plant a tomato seed you plant it, water it with faith, expect it will grow to a healthy tomato; not a cucumber, and then you walk away. You do not come back each day and dig it up to see what is happening. You know that untrust and messing with it will kill it. Yet with our dreams we do that. We do not let them go out to the universe, to one day return. And then we wonder why they are not born. When we plant our desire we have to " let go" knowing that it will blossom.

The thing NO ONE knows however is HOW,(in what exact form) and WHEN our dream will come back.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Monahan is a nascent master of the Tao Te Ching, and writer of the weekly blog